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Child of 80's Party -30yr- Rubic's Cube Cake



September 2007


Kerrie in Hammond, Louisiana


80's Eighties Party

I wanted to have a big birthday party for my husband's 30th birthday.  I kept bugging him about a theme, but he kept saying he didn't want a theme.  Well finally he thought of an 80's theme (even though he was born in '77 he was still a child of the 80's).  I think he mostly wanted it b/c he thought of having a Rubix cube cake. 

The cake ended up being my pride and joy.  I was going to just do a square cake, but then I found an idea on the internet to make it in motion (with the middle section askewed). I bought a 12 square pan (with 90 degree angles) and made 6 two chocolate and two vanilla.  I made colored fodant the colors on a Rubix cube and cut out squares (3 3/4").  I colored chocolate icing black (you could probably just use the chocolate as is.  It took a lot of black coloring).  Then I placed the fondant squares on it and placed the layers on top of each other.  I put each layer (actually two layers making a four inch layer) on cardboard slightly smaller than the cake so it wouldn't show and stuck skewers into each layer so the layers wouldn't collapse on each other.  (I had to decorate each layer and then place the layers on where I wanted to place the cake.  At this size it was a very heavy cake)  Some people didn't even know it was a cake until we cut it.  Everyone was amazed. 

I sent out invitations and  for the RSVP's I used "totally" for yes "bummer" for no and "whatever" for maybe.  I asked everyone to come dressed as their favorite 80's character or 80's fashion.  It was kind of easy to find stuff to wear b/c some of that fashion is coming back (who whould have thought?) We even dressed up our three year old and our 6 month old.  We found oversized shirts tied them to the side and for the three year old I found leggings layered her socks and put her hair in a side pony tail.  And for the baby I just cut the feet off of some old stockings to make leggings.  They were so cute. 

For the colors:  The colors that I wanted were hard to find (without having to order them from a million different places) so we had teal (and dark green) bright pink (closest to hot pink) bright yellow and neon orange.  We had balloons and table clothes in those colors.  We had the party at our church b/c we would have to have it outside at our house b/c our house is so small (and it's a good thing we did b/c it stormed that night).  For the table center pieces I took cassette tapes and unwond them and had my daughters care bear figures bubble gum pop rocks slinkys and transformer and starwars action figures (again easy to find b/c star wars was big again and the new transformers movied was about to come out that summer). I was going to put travel sized aquanet on the tables but I couldn't find them. 

We had 80's music playing and I put together a power point presentation with movie posters and the year they came out and had it playing on a big screen with the church's projector (another advantage of having it at the church).  For games I made a movie word scramble using the top grossing movie of each year in the eighties.  I also had a 80's trivia game.  I found a bunch of questions through a website and made another power point presentation with the questions then the answers.  I knew a lot of people wouldn't know the answers but it was to get people to thinking and remembering. It was a lot of fun!  We also made a power point presentation with the email chain letter "You were a child of the eighties if"  My sister got one that had pictures and it made it even funnier. 

So after the games we had that playing.  For prizes I used a slinky rubix cube and candy we loved back then.  We all had a blast!  (I would have put all the websites I used but my compter that I had them saved broke and I don't remember what they were.  Sorry!)  Oh and we didn't do this but for food you can have sushi.  I found out it was really big back then.  And we didn't have time to do this but I wanted to do a phote op.  Just like a high school dance.  Just decorate it 80's style.  I was going to use a white sheet and spray paint on it use lots of balloons and have a boom box and maybe some other stuff."  Oh, and I also made collages of pictures of him from the time he was a baby.  I had fun with this one.  I kept this one a secret.  I wanted him to be surprised.  I also included pictures of our family now.  It was fun to look at.  It was especially fun for his brother and his mom.  I loved it so much I still haven't taken it apart.  I still look at it.

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