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80's Party -24yr- Gummy Bears & Pop Rocks



March 2008


Katya in Crookston, MN USA


80's Eighties Party

I was born in November 1982, so for my 24th birthday party I wanted the theme to be 80's. I sent  out e-mail invitations to all the guests and made it required for them to wear their 80's gear. I figured people would dress up since the party was held after Halloween (Nov 3rd) and they could get their attire on sale. It was fun to see people's creativity, my sister dressed like Madonna and my boyfriend and his friends like 80's rap stars. The party was held in one of our towns local bar. (we asked for permission) 

For decorations we set up balloons in bright colors at the entrance. I made neon coasters in the shape of Pac-Man and wrote facts that happened in 1982, the year I was born. We also set out bowls of candies that came out in 1982 or close to that year, like gummy bears, pop-rocks, and runts. I researched the facts and candies online.On the tables we decorated with Gerber daisies and E.T. dolls.(E.T.came out that year)

For party favors I handed out neon sunglasses like the ones I used to wear when I was young. My boyfriend made a slide show that he got to play on the bar's big screen. That was a big hit with the guests, since he included pictures of me when I was young and made sure there was a picture of each guest there. The DJ helped create the mood by playing 80's music.

We had an ice cream cake and the bar was nice enough to allow us to keep it in their fridge until it was time to cut it. The advantage of having the party at the bar was that I didn't have to worry about cleaning up after the party was over. Everyone had a good time, and to this date they still talk about how much fun everyone had.

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