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Purple Paisley Prince -31yr- Grafitti Wall



December 2008


Kim in St. Thomas, USVI


80's Eighties Party

My favorite singer is Prince, and I wanted to throw a party that I could dance at.  One of Prince's last albums was called 3121 and I was turning 31 on the 21st!  So everything fell into place! 

The invitations were a cd that had the song 3121 (about going to a party at his house with the address 3121)and the Purple Medley on it to get people in the mood.  The invite with the date, time etc was slipped into the cd jacket.  Attire was 80 dance club. 

I turned my house into an 80's dance club with a dj playing all prince with a couple of classic 80 songs mixed in. I bought a huge poster of Price's silouette on it and 3121 that hung behind the dj.  I projected the movie Purple Rain on the wall all night, had a disco ball, 80's videos on another tv in the corner, Prince posters hanging in the hallway.  I hung 80's record sleeves on the diagonal above our bar. 

There was a bartender who mixed drinks from a list consisting of Little Red Corvette (vodka & cran.) Purple Rain (Vodka, champagne and splash of Grape juice)Raspberry Beret (champ and Chanbord) Pop Life (rum & coke)Up Town (Whiskey sour) etc. 

My friend who is a baker made an outstanding cake that was in the shape of a life sized guitar! 

Everyone dressed up to the tee!  One of my guy friends bleached girls jeans that were so tight I can't believe they fit!  My boyfriend dressed up like Prince with a ruffly shirt like in Purple Rain.  The girls make up was bright and their hair was huge. 

One of my friends made friendship pins, and drank out of a TAB can all night.  I served sensual food (caviar, chocolate fountain, oysters)  There was also a break dance contest with cardboard and everything.  My thighs hurt for a week from dancing in crazy 4 inch heeled shoes all night! 

For bathroom decorations we put up a thick piece of paper and made it a grafitti wall!  My botfriend and I started it, and almost everyone added something.  It actually stayed up for 6 months afterwards!

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