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Miss America Party - Viewing & Partying



June 2002


Beth in Tulsa, OK  USA

Honorable Mention

Girls Night Out

Miss America Party The idea is to get a bunch of people together to watch (and heckle) the annual Miss America contest.

The invitation used the logo and a tiara inviting everyone to our annual Miss America Party. Guests were greeted with a tiara (Oriental Trading company) to wear throughout the evening and were given a long length of 2 inch wide white ribbon (Wal-Mart) where they wrote their official title to proudly wear as their banner for the evening...Miss Aligned, Miss Diagnosed, Miss Understood, etc.. (You will need safety pins) Guests were instructed to bring something that only Miss America could sneak to eat. The rest of the evening was geared around the contest on TV.

Guests drew state names so that they each had a contestant to root for.  We also had posters around the house for guests to write their opinions about different subjects (who do you think will win? what would your talent be?  which contestant has had the most cosmetic surgery, etc..) Winners of the various games were awarded door prizes that related to Miss America such as Vaseline (to put on teeth) Hemorrhoid Cream (to get rid of baggy eyes), duct tape (to hold up sagging body parts),etc. One year we left these items around the house for a little treasure hunt.

We decorated the house in left over clearance fourth of July decorations, of course in patriotic red white and blue. One year, we provided the guests with marshmallows to throw at contestants who gave comments that needed heckling, but marshmallows turned out to be too messy. 

The next year we opted for ping pong balls.  You would be amazed at how ping pong balls fly during interviews. Although we had a sarcastic tone to the evening, those guests who truly enjoy watching the show were still able to enjoy. Some guests dressed in their best evening attire and even brought homemade signs representing their state!

This year, we may have to introduce a prize for the guest designing the best state headwear. Do you think Oklahoma's Miss America Shauntel Smith will accept our invitation to come to our annual Miss America party?

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