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Ladies Spring Fling  -  All About Flowers



Oct 2002


Alissa in Savage, MN USA


Girls Night Out

Ladies Spring Fling  We had this party in April just to welcome in the spring after a long winter.  I invited six of my girlfriends for brunch. 

For invitations I sent out a pretty card with pressed flowers and a packet of seeds for them to plant. 

At the party I decorated the table.  Each place mat was some fake grass (astro turf.  Each also had a place card which I found in a trinket store.  It a flower made of beads and crystal like gems that holds a card or photo after the party is over.  For the center pieces I put out little topiars (sp?) the little tress in a pot which they also got to take home. 

As for food we had a salad with ediable flowers, like pansies tossed inside.  We also had strawberry blossoms, (turn strawberry leaf side down and make an X cut these become the petals then fill with a cream cheese, soue cream and sugar mixure or choclate or anything else.) 

We also had gumdrop flower garnishes, (roll the gumdrops on a bed of sugar till flat and shape into pedals put a piece of the yellow gumdrop in the middle.  The sugar it to keep it from sticking.) Also radish roses.  Plus the normal brunch foods eggs, ham, fruit.  As for a light dessert we had watermelon gernada. 

In the living room for decorations there were glass flowers, flower floating candles and anything else I had in my house that were flowers or baby animals to represent spring.  There were also real fish and water plants in glass bowls (ask your pet shop which plants and fish you can do this with.) 

These went home with the winners of the simple trivia game with questions like, In Wizard of Oz what flower made Dorthy them fall asleep.  Answer: poppy. Everyone had fun and everything looked like spring.

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