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Flight Attendent Sleepover - Games & Teddy Bears



March 2003


Sherie in North Hollywood , CA. USA


Girls Night Out

I just had a slumber party that knocked the socks off of everyone in attendance.  We are an older crowd, the average age was about 35 years old, but you would have never guessed it!  We are all flight attendants, and are in a club that is called "The Skygirls". 

I purchased invitation nightshirts that had an adorable picture of a little girl in her sleeping bag, along with my name, address, and the time of the party.  These shirts were also worn to sleep in.  My guests stated arriving at 5:00 pm to a world that took us all back in time.  I had the oldies station playing on the radio, and pink balloons and streamers adorning the staircase as well as my plants. 

The plants are the size of small xmas trees, so I also trimmed them with lights.  Banners purchased at the dollar store that said "sleepover party" were wrapped aroung the the walls in the living room.  There was a jewelry making station, a nail station, play doh, bubbles, coloring books, and I set some of my fashion magazines out as well. 

We had the old faithful games such as twister, master mind monopoly and scrabble.  On the sofa sat 9 teddy bears for snuggling, one for each guest, and each bear wore the name of his mom on a tag.  On the coffee table were gift bags for the girls that included bazooka gum, jacks, a squirt gun, super elastic bubble plastic, pez, yo yo, pencils, sharpeners, a ring, note pads, and blow pops. 

My dad has a BBQ restaurant so he supplied the food which included ribs, chicken, beef, and slaws.  We played guess the gumballs with the winner receiving the gumballs and another prize.  I also cut out the smile of several famous people and had thee girls guess "who" was smiling. 

We had a pajama beauty pageant with the winner being crowned with a tiara and a bouquet of roses, along with the title "Miss Pajama Skies".  After the pageant we feasted on a cake from a local bakery that was decorated with clouds and planes in the sky.  I printed a menu on the computer and placed it in a binder that had a list of the evenings "Sky Snacks" which included (white castle cheeseburgers, corn dogs, pizza rolls, chips, cookies, etc. 

Needless to say we got very little sleep that evening.  When it was time to go home, everyone was loaded down with gifts and great memories.

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