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Lavish Luxury Spa -41yr- Bath Lotions Gifts



April 2004


Kelly in Frederick, MD

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Girls Night Out

Many of my good girl friends (of over over 25 years!) and I turned 40 last year and did nothing to celebrate. So, this year I used my event planning expertise and set up a spa night I called "Lavish Luxury".  I sent e-vites to them giving them their "spa appointment time" and told them to bring their favorite slippers and robe. Guest had to fill out an information form so the esthetician and massuese could prepare for them. Each person was to arrive at a different time - about 10-15 minutes apart. 

When each guest arrived they were greeted by a hostess, a trickling fountain and new age music, and were shown to the changing room where lights were low, framed quotes about tranquility were displayed, and relaxing music drifted from a hidden stereo.  After changing into their robes, the were asked to use the ladies room and put on a a terry head band from the basket on the counter.  In the bathroom again, candles clickered and framed quotes were displayed.  When they came out, the hostess met them with a warm herbal neck wrap and cup of chamomile tea.   

They were then shown to the "relaxation area", which  was my family room, lit entirely be candle light while several fountains provided soothing background noise. Again, songs of serenity and aromatherapy danced in the air.  Another relaxation specialist took them from there. Hands were dipped into mango scented paraffin and they were seated in a recliner or on a sofa.  Cooling cucumber eye pads were applied, and reflexology was given to help the guests further unwind before proceeding to the "treatment room area".   

Guests were then led back to rooms designated for facials, massage, manicures and pedicures.  Each area was lit again by candles or low lighting, aromatherapy,table fountains, and relaxing music.  Gauzy drapes hung from ceilings provided an airy feel. A tranquility room was set up for guests waiting to go on to another treatment room. This had a chaise lounge from my patio and a canopy net hung over it. A chenille throw, head and knee pillow were also provided for comfort.   

Each treatment room was set up like a true spa and staffed with licensed professionals.  Guests getting facials were treated to  a traditional facial on a professional table that included cleansing, exfoliation, masque, hot towels, and facial steamer. Spa wraps were provided for guests to change into.  The massage room are offered guests disposable panties and bras if they wanted. Massages were given on a professional bed we padded with egg-crate styrofoam and heated bed pad and covered with fresh, soft, white linens(same as the facial table).  Pedicure area had an aerated, heated foot bath. 

All the tools of the trade were there from bath salts, to foot scrubs, foot masks and heated booties,  and chocolate scented hot oil was used during the foot massage.  Toes were manicured and painted and pedi-slippers were provided. The Manicure area delivered the same standard of treatment. From the hand soaking bowl with fizzing tablets, to wrist rests, to exfoliator, warm cuticle oil, and hand massage lotion. Guests had over 20 polishes to choose from. When guests moved from room to room, a hostess freshened their glasses with spring water and lemon.  

After each guest finished their spa treaments, they were brought back to the relaxation area and given a spa cuisine plate.  Fresh fruit platters and mini-pastries were displayed on a center coffee table.  Sparkling cider was served in champagne flutes and the fire glowing in the fireplace warmed the room.  The girls reveled in abyss of relaxation they had fallen into and laughed and quietly chatted.  I got e-mails and calls the next day from them all saying what an incredible time they had. 

Upon departing, gift bags were given at the door that held bath lotions, gels, scrubs, soaps and soap mitt. So many of them requested me to help them host a spa night, that I've now added it to our event planning menu!

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