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Luau Nametags - Funny Hawaiian Words



May 2009


Keli in Savannah, GA. USA


Luau Party

Purchase some name tags with Hibiscus flowers on them and pink and blue markers, that way you can easily tell the girls from the boys. 

Look online for funny words translated into the hawaiian language (for example: Rascal=Kokohe, Beautiful=Nani or Hawaiian cowboy=Paniolo) 

Write the Hawaiian words on the nametags in pink or blue, but be sure to keep a copy of what the names REALLY mean with you.  Just search the web using the term "Hawaiian Name Coverter" or "Hawaiian Words" and there should be many sites to choose from. 

When the guests arrive give them a nametag and let them know they HAVE to call each other by their hawaiian name - or else. 

Towards the end of the night make an announcement and let everyone know what their names REALLY mean and let the laughs begin.  Its funny when you find out you've been called a pineapple or a lizard all night!!  

This can also be turned into a drinking game, if there is alcohol involved. If someone calls anyone by their REAL name, they have to take a shot or chug their drink.  Whatever they want,(not necessarily alcohol).

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