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Amazing Hawaiian Luau - Volleyball Game



September 2008


Alana in Townsville, QLD, Australia


Luau Party

INVITATIONS - for invitations, I invited 40 people, with 5 different styles of invitations:
1. A message written in marker on a beachball
2. A tag attached to a lei
3. A message in a bottle
4. Written on a pair of thong sandles
5. Invitation in a tropwical themed photoframe.

DECORATIONS - this party was being held at my families beach house, 30 minutes from home so we had access to the venue for decorating. Firstly we hired palms and scattered them across the verandah and yard which merges into the beach, then we strung tiki lanterns throughout the yard and down the beach, for tables we used boogie boards and sufboards and we hung surfing posters all over the place, along with shell garlands and handmade windchimes. 

ACTIVITIES + Games - activities were free flowing and included swimming, learning to hula dance, learning to surf, sunbathing, volleyball and using the slip n slide in the back yard. This lasted for approximately 5 hours before a beach warfare game!

An obstacle course, rafting challenge, waterballoon fight and finally an intense volleyball game. Broken up by snacking and followed by dinner. After dinner we made shell earrings, received foot massage froma hired masseuse, had a bonfire and watched Aquamarine. In the morning we walked along the beach ad built sandcastles.

COSTUMES  - costumes were mandatory and included hula girls, dorky tourists, surfer-dudes, lilo and stitch, bikini babes and a lobster.

PARTY SNACKS - all day fresh fruit, gummi sharks, pineapples, and other tropical items, chips and dip and fresh smoothies were available from our populer tiki bar. Dinner was a fest cooked underground ocnsisting of clams, prawns, bugs, oysteres, fish, scallops, lobster, crayfish, mussels, calamari, many vegetables, chicken and fruits which really wowed the guests. At the bonfire we toasted marshmallows, which was a real crowd pleaser.

CAKE - the cake was shaped like a surfboard and was bbrightly coloured and displayed a personalised message, it was a chocolate mud-cake.

FAVOURS - favours were the shell earrings, a cute pair of thongs, a lei, a key-rings in the shape of a surfboard, a voucher for a free surfing lesson and a frangipani face-mask.

Overall the party was AMAZING!

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