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Luau Party - Orange Between Heads Race



March 2003


Amy in Palm Bay, Florida  USA


Luau Party

My sister and I decided to have a party, not really for any "reason" just because we thought it would be fun. We chose a luau.

We hired a DJ, bought some Citronella Tiki torches, we set up a tequila table with cut up limes, we had a jello shot table, with orange, rasperry and grape jello shots, we got a little blow up kiddie pool and filled it with jungle juice, we bought real pineapples ( whole of course ) and made a large centerpiece on the buffet table with orchids and shiny aqua blue and yellow paper, we sprinkled orchid leaves all over, we roasted 2 hogs, had blow up palm trees and sent out the invites through email.

In each invitation, we asked to kindly find a sitter, and to wear luau attire, and also for everyone to bring a dish for the theme.

As people pulled up to  the house, they could see the tiki torches leading the way to the door, and 2 tiki statues made from cardboard boxes stacked atop of each other. As each person came through the door, my sister would hand them a lei, and i would hand the men a bolt, and each lady a nut ( all different sizes ) and told them it would be explained once everyone had arrived.

Once everyone was there, the dj announce that each person had to find the match to thier bolt/nut, and the winners would each recieve a bottle of champagne ( or gift of your choice of course ).

Another game we played keeping in the theme of the party, was the citrus race, 2 people on a team, each team would have to get an orange from the bowl and place it on thier partners forehead, then press foreheads together and get to the empty bowl at the finish line, without using hands. It was hilarious, and we all had a great time.

We played some beach music, but, mostly dance music. At the end of the night we gave away a 20 dollar gift certificate to the best luau dressed person at the party. For an adult party, this was definately worth the effort.

Our next venture will be a Gangster Murder mystery party! I'll let you know how that one turns out!

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