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Luau -23yr- Coconut Rice & Poi



March 2003


Amber in Commerce City,CO USA


Luau Party

For my 23rd birthday party we had a luau.We have no grass in the back yard it's all sandy dirt. So we set a canopy up,with a string of lights wrapped around the top.

We set up out door furniture,5 tiki torches & filled up our large pool(for the ocean). We set up a buffet table on the side & a round table in the center. We covered both with sea shell,skirted table cloths.

We hung paper cut out decorations allover the canopy. We blew up inflatable tropical trees.We put paper centerpieces in the middle of the tables,with macadamia nuts.

I went to the local library & checked out hawaiian cookbooks. We cooked everything from scratch & fresh. We served the food on shell shaped platters,ate off large square tropical print plates & drank out of matching glassware. We made homemade lime & guava punch it was a beautiful green color & served it in a giant white Plastic shell.

We had Manua Chix a delicious chicken dish,sweet potato poi, cocnut rice, A fresh tropical fruit salad,served in a pinapple skin,beef & vegitable sticks  & a large variety of sauces to dip all the food in. All from the same cook book.

I looked up our names in hawiian on the net & made name tags with tropical stickers. 

We all wore leis,I wore wrist,ankle & head leis because it was my birthday. The guys wore hawaiian shirts & the women wore dresses.

We bought summer & hawaiian music including Elvis's Blue Hawaii & Chubby Checkers Limbo Rock We all danced the night away & had a great time.

The weather was perfect since my birthday is in may.

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