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Hawaiian Luau - Raffle for Those in Costume



Oct 2003


Merridth in Dallas, TX USA


Luau Party

In August of this year we held our 1st Annual Hawaiian Luau!  It was beyond a success.  We invited 75 guests and wound up with 100 in attendance. 

The invitations were a fun part of the party planning.  On the invitation, we asked our guests to join us for Great Food (Traditional Hawaiian), Tropical Cocktails and Limbo!  The edges of the invitation were trimmed in "grass skirt" material and loose flower petals fell from the envelopes when opened.  It was an all-adult party and all guests were asked to wear their Aloha shirt or island clothes. 

We held a raffle for a huge wine basket, and on each raffle ticket, were little known, interesting facts about Hawaii.  Guests that did not come dressed in island attire were excluded from the raffle.  (Taught them to follow directions).  I have a book that translates traditional American names into Hawaiian.  With this, I created nametags in the shape of pineapples. 

As guests entered, leis were placed around their necks and they were given nametags so that throughout the evening everyone could be referred to by their new Hawaiian name.  (And ladies, there is nothing more eye-pleasing than a buff man wearing no shirt, and a single lei!)

The decorating was also intricate.  We strung colorful lights from the trees, which looked fabulous as the day turned to night.  All the tables and chairs were adorned with flowers. 

All beverages were served with drink umbrellas.  The menu included teriyaki chicken, mango salmon, fried rice, green salad and lots of fresh, sweet pineapple.  We played Limbo and Pass the Coconut, which gets very interesting after 3 or 4 cocktails. 

At the end of the evening guests went home with party souvenirs. 

My favorite is a blend of instant sweet tea, orange flavored Tang and cinnamon.  Once mixed, you pour a considerable amount into a little silk satchel and tie it shut with a colorful ribbon. 

Notes that said "Thanks for partying with The Simpsons" were hole punched and slid through the ribbon.  The orange spice tea tastes wonderful and when prepared, it's an instant reminder of all the fun!

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