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Tropical Surprise - Special Drink Names



July 2004


Bridgett in Middlesboro, Ky USA

Honorable Mention

Luau Party

Tropical luau parties are popular so I just had a surprise tropical party for my husband, of course using the helpful tips from this site. This was my first big party that I ever hosted and I hoped it wouldn't flop. It didn't everyone talked about how much they loved it.

I found really cute blank invitation cards at the dollar general store that had fish on the front and a pop up fish when opened. Using other ideas from this site, it said, Although he feels like crying because he's getting old Terry is having a SURPRISE tropical party so put the date on hold. Coconut is white and Kiwi is green so strap on your coconut cups and limbo like a queen. Wear your hawaiian shirts or hula skirts and we'll provide the leis. Look your best in island clothes and win a little prize, who knows, but keep your eyes upon the clock so that you'll not be late to see the look on Terry's face as he accepts his fate. (then the pic of the pop up fish) under that it said Cocktails and food will be served this night, so please keep this in mind. You don't have to bring a gift just your presence will be fine, but if your one for funny gifts bring one for good measure for us to laugh as Terry cries will be our greatest pleasure. then I listed the location, time, etc.

I wasn't fortunate enough to have the house before the day of to decorate, so I had 5 friends ready and soon as he left for work we started decorating. I bought a lot of decorations from Oriental Trading, raffia door curtians, hibuscus coasters,parrots,flowers, we put tiki torches all outside. We had 4 dozen beach balls all sizes laying around in the floor, not where people could fall over them but around the edges and in corners. I thought that was a cute touch if you want to list it also thanksGuests were greeted with leis and hibiscus flower hairclips for the ladies.Inside we put up lei garland and tissue decorations we transformed the kitchen into a tiki bar using lots of raffia to cover things. We made signs that said  The Tiki Lounge is now open.

We had a bartender (my cousin) with a list of ingredients for the drinks which was Mia Tias, pina coladas, margaritas, diaquires, blue hawaiian, blue lagoons,tequila sunrise,sea breezes,etc and I made a drink menu so people could choose which drink to order. I accomplished this using sentences about my husband with the drink name listed within it. For example, Terry likes to drown his sorrows in the BLUE LAGOON or Terry likes to feel the SEA-BREEZE on the golf course. Those were really cute and everyone had a laugh out of it, we also used the standard umbrella stirs, and flower straws.

I also got a straw beach mat and covered it by pinning snap shots pictures of my husband all over it, then nailed it on the wall above the serving table. We used sand pails for utensil containers, and also placed disposable cameras in one with a note asking guests to help us keep our memories of the night since we couldn't possibly see everything.

We played beach music and for food we had chex mix, oyster cracker mix, shrimp tray, fruit platter with dip, and veggie tray on the table when guests arrived. About an hour into the party we put kabobs on the grill which was chicken, mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, and pineapples.

We provided designated drivers and awarded a pineapple candle and cute beach picture frame to best dressed male and female.  I am now preparing for an adult halloween costume 80's party so keep posting those ideas, I need them.

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