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Mardi Gras Party - Costume Contest



January 2008


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Mardi Gras Party

Make your house vibrant with the traditional Mardi Gras colors -- purple (representing justice), green (faith) and gold (power). There's no subtlety in Mardi Gras, so the bolder the better. 

For true Mardi Gras style, you need masks, streamers, confetti and doubloons. Balloons and beads are easy to come by and decidedly appropriate for this holiday. And don't forget to decorate your drinks! Dress up your frozen concoctions with a paper umbrella or parrot. Wondering what to wear to a Mardi Gras party? Beads, a fabulous mask and a smile. T

he bright colors of the holiday - purple, green and gold - are also key.  Debauchery reigns supreme, so anything you do in excess takes the (king) cake. Think pirates, showgirls, court jesters, anything your wildest imagination can dream up.

Feeling crafty at your Mardi Gras party? Set up a mask-making station so unadorned guests can make their own. Provide plenty of supplies such as feathers, sequins and glitter, and have a prize for the person whose mask is voted the best. 

A costume contest is a must at Mardi Gras. Crown the best-dressed male and female the king and queen of your party. 

Celebrate Mardi Gras as it was intended: Splurge and feast on decadent dishes, like hot-sauce-spiked crawfish bread and jambalaya studded with fragrant sausage. Shrimp souffle, stuffed jalapenos and deep-fried seafood served in hot bread doused with Tabasco-kissed mayonnaise are simple and traditional staples of the holiday. 

You can order the traditional king cake from most specialty bakeries. Or, for a more homespun twist, bake cupcakes and top them with gold, green and purple sugar. It's all about the hurricane. Or the grenade. Or enormous vats of beer. If possible, serve in obnoxious-colored plastic containers.

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