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Marrdi-Gras Party -70yr- Dinner Party Surprise



June 2003


gloria in miami,florida usa


Mardi Gras Party

For my mother-in-law's 70th birthday  in March 2002 I chose the mardi gras theme.

The invitation was a professional printed one in the shape of a mask. the invitation informed the guest that she did not know they were invited.

My husband and I invited her for a small birthday dinner to include about 10 people. I had the guest to arrive after her so that she would not see the cars,and not be too surprised. It was held in our backyard where I set up tables and chairs with tablecloths in the mardi gras colors. 

On each table was a centerpiece made in the mardi gras theme,balloons posters,masks and beads were all around the fence areas like you were on Bourbon Street. One table was set aside for her with a doll, the 7-0 numbers and a special mask.

As she was sitting in my living room waiting for the dinner guest to arrive she had no idea the backyard was where the party would take place as a few of her friends arrived the look on her face was great but, that wasn't all, all of her children had arrive from different states along with her college grandchildren and her 2  greatgrands.

After her friends arrived we proceeded to take her to the backyard where mardi gras music(CD) was playing in the yard speakers and had guests march out the french doors to their tables as they marched horns, hats,beads and masks were given to them,so when her children and grandchildren(they were waitng out front)marched through the doors she didn't know them with masks on but to her surprise all of them were there.

She was very excited, then there was the buffet set up on the patio with all the traditional new orleans style food(gumbo,crawfish etc.) and presented with confetti of the theme and bithday year (70)sprinkled on the buffet table with the food seasoning bottles and beads used as decorations, doubloons,were used as favors in net tied with a small card that was also used as a thank you.

The evening was complete with a 2-tier cake with masks,beads,douboons,small babies and a giant 70 on top. 

A pinata was the hit of the party. The kings cake was ordered from new orleans(Gambinos) and comes by fed-X, the party items came from Oriental Trading and the Accent Annex store(by catolog)The party was great and we ended it by presenting her with a poster of her over the years in photos(months earlier we asked all children and friends to borrow their photos).All of the old neighborhood kids who grew up with her kids were there. 

Who says a 70th birthday party has to be  Over the Hill Have some fun!!don't forget the balloons and use lots.

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