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Jimmy Buffet -40yr- Steel Drum Band



June 2003


Joyce in St. Louis, MO  USA


Margaritaville Party

My husband is a big Jimmy Buffett fan so I had a Jimmy Buffett party for his 40th birthday in our back yard. 

I made up the invitations on the computer by putting some of the song titles from well-known Jimmy Buffett songs on front (A Pirate Looks at Forty, Cheeseburgers in Paradise, etc.) and on the inside it said "Growning Older but Not Up" (another Jimmy Buffett reference and had all the details of the party. 

I hired a steel drum band to play which really set the mood.  I had some help so I had one person greet all the guests with a lei and a tropical looking nametag (many of the guests didn't know each other before-hand) in the front yard. 

I decorated with parrots and palm trees that I bought from party supply sources.  I bought tropical looking cotton material at a fabric store and just made simple table clothes for card tables for people to eat at and covered them all with clear vinyl that I bought at Walmart so spills would not be a problem.  I wrote Jimmy Buffett and sent him a self-addressed stamped envelope and he sent my husband a personalized Happy 40th Birthday picture which I put in a frame I got at the Margaritaville store and put on the food table. 

For food we had cheeseburgers (in paradise), shrimp, fruit salads, key lime pie, cookies, chips and salsa, and little pink flamingo chocolate lollipops that I made from a candy mold.  I had some high school girls keep the kids occupied with face painting and various games with goodie bags so the adults could sit and enjoy the music and conversation. 

For drinks I found some flamingo margarita glasses at Oriental Tradiing Company for the adults and parrot cups with lids for the kids.  This party took some time and planning but I think it was well worth it judging by the comments I received from both my husband and the guests.

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