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Waistin' Away in Margaritaville - Special Koozies



Sept 2002


Tena in Houston, TX  US


Margaritaville Party

This was a labor day weekend adult party themed around "Waistin' Away in Margagitaville". 

Invitations we sent out via eVite, incorporating a tropical theme and a parrot drinking a margarita that I created on the computer.  I wrote the invitation around Jimmy Buffett song titles and lyrics. 

The invitation started with:  Ahoy mates! The ship is about to set sail and we need all Son of Son of Sailors, Little Miss Magic’s, Brown Eyed Girls and even you Fruitcakes (if you did not fit in any other category) to dock with us at One Particular Harbor- Margaritaville. I continued with other  song titles and asked the guests to wear the island wear and get a sitter for their little parrot heads. 

As for decorations, I created two signs out of old wood.  The first sign was placed in the driveway and was painted with the words boat dock and margaritaville with arrows(as directional signage).  The second sign was an placed above the entrance to the back gate and said "Welcome to Margaritaville". 

Other decorations included nets, palm leaves, hula dancer cutouts, flip flops, leis, tiki torches and of course a very large parrot. 

The guests were greeted with a lei and beach comber hats. 

A bar was setup with drinks and a margarita machine.  I had bright colored koozies made that had the party title and date for each guests to take home. 

We enjoyed cheeseburgers, chips, dips and fruit. 

The music played was all Jimmy Buffett.   

I sent thank you notes to each guest for coming that I made on the computer.  I wrote it using Jimmy Buffett song titles and included a picture of the guest in front of the "Welcome to Margaritaville" sign. 

Everyone had a great time and we are all looking forward to getting together again.

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