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Margaritaville Party - Parrot Signs Grass Skirts



May 2007


Jessica in Richmond, Va USA


Margaritaville Party

We just had a Margaritaville party to ring in the summer.I sent out invitations in a bottle from Oriental Trading. 

When the guests (there were about 55) arrived, they came to the garage first. I had 2 large fishing nets draped from the ceiling. The counter top was lined with a grass skirt with shells attached, a neon corona parrot sign and loose shells scattered around with coconut shell candles for the centerpiece.  The window had a grass curtain. 

I also had tropical parrot signs posted on the wall. I had a table set up where I had a huge selection of leis to choose from. The side door of the garage, covered with a grass door curtain, opened into the back yard. Tiki torches lined the path to the tiki bar which my husband made from an old rolling counter and bamboo poles to make the roof which I covered with bamboo branches (leaves still on).  I had flower garlands running up the poles of the bar and, attached to the top, was my tiki bar sign.

I got a huge margarita glass and filled it with limes for the drinks. My husband bartended for the night.  He had a chalk board up by the bar to post the drinks we were making such as margaritas and pina coladas.We also had a fully stocked bar to make mixed drinks. I made a flip drink menu so guests could decide what kind of mixed drink they wanted. A lighted palm tree was put up next to the bar.

Next to the tiki bar was a large metal bucket on a stand filled with Coronas on ice.  I also threw in some lighted ice cubes to light up the beer.Beside that was the buffet table which had a grass table skirt, real shell lights draped around the edge and a bright lime green & teal table cloth. We had shell shaped chocolates, a pineapple fruit boat with pina colado dip, margarita shrimp cocktail & pineapple BBQ chicken kabobs. I scattered loose shells & orchids on the table and used 2 small tiki torches to light up the table.

Food picks made with real shells were put out for the food.  A margaritaville sign with a parrot pointed the way to the pergola. I had 2 foot tall palms in the planters, a cluster of 3 6 foot palms in the corner, paper lanterns on the fence around the yard, large round paper lanterns hanging from roof of the pergola and I found some 20 parrots made with real feathers that I perched in the wisteria vines. 

I had more tropical signs with parrots on them hung on the fence.  I also put small tiki torches around our goldfish pond and waterfall. I lined the deck rail with lighted flower garland and put up a grass umbrella behind the deck chairs. I also threw about 6 beach balls in the yard.

A DJ played music mostly Kenny Chesney and everybody had the best time!  We even had a game of limbo.

The party started at 8:30 p.m and lasted well past midnight. I think this was the best party I have ever hosted.  Everyone is already talking about doing it again next summer."

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