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Outside Yard Party 18yr



November 2008


Tamara in The Hague, Netherlands


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For my 18th birthday I decided to have a big party. Since i almost never celebrated my birthday, I was really enthusiastic. I decided to not really have a theme, 'cause I've got a lot of friends who don't really like that or think it's childish. So instead of that I made it a yard party. My invitations were made by a friend of mine, who is really into designing. Because there were coming around a hunderd people, we decided to email them the invitation. They turned out to be really pretty, red/yellow/orange (summer colours), with a picture of me in the sun, and with all the information nessesary. I've got a big yard, so we decided to put different tables in it, all with some chairs around it and with different purposes. I had a table for all my present, a table with food, a table with drinks (since I live in Holland where you're allowed to drink when you're sixteen), a table where people could play poker (I've got a lot of friends who are into this) and some tables where people could just sit and chat. My whole yard was covered with balloons (also orange/yellow/red) and in the back was a fire burning. My friends arrived around 8 pm and stayed till late (the last group left at 4am). As activities we played poker, some drinking games, a short mystery murder my mom made and which turned out to be really difficult but a lot of fun.  The music was playing from different box-sets I could lean from my uncle, and me and him (he's a dj) made a tracklist with a combination between dance, popular hits and sing-alongs. Around twelve everyone started dancing, and my jard suddenly turned into a disco.  Friends of mine are in a band, so they played two songs. As a suprise, they also made a sketch about a day being Tamara" which was incredibly funny. Than my dad wanted to sing a song for me though he never sings. It was really beautiful and I cried a little. After that we had a father/daughter dance and than we started partying again. Because most people already ate when they arrived at my party we decided to have one cake with three layers which turned out to be extremely easy to bake and a lot of mini-snacks like: cupcakes chips cookies chocolate cheese-nibs a chocolate fountain and a lot of fried stuff. We also had marshmellows, which we could make above the fire. A week after my party I send a picture to everyone who came with a thank you note on the back. Though my party was in the summer people are still talking about it. And the funny part is all together I paid like 150 dollar which mostly was spent on food and drinks!"

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