Miscellaneous Parties

The Miscellaneous party is so popular that we have dedicated this entire section to Miscellaneous birthday party ideas. 

Read through the 30th Miscellaneous party ideas and incorporate the best birthday party ideas into your party.  Create your own party plan and remember to include invitations, decorations, games, activities, party food, beverages, party cake, party snacks, gift bag favors, costumes and gifts.

Have a super Miscellaneous party!

Here are the Party Plans shared by our readers!

Party Plan Title                                             Award

Harry Potter Party

Pottery Painting Party


75th Birthday Party


40 Almost Party


75 Years Of Living


1976, 86 & 96 Party - Adult


Un-Birthday 27yr


50's Dinner Party

Honorable Mention

Super Bowl Survivor


Glow in the Dark 21yr


10th Anniversary Party

Honorable Mention

Retro 70's

Special Mention

Old Movie Night


Memory Bouquet


Back to the Oldies 61yr


Birthday Breakfast


Whimp Bowl




Spring Chicken 65yr


Southern Belles Party


Card Party 25yr


Surprised by a Bum


Beer Party 23yr


Around the World Dinner


Buffet Party


Mystery Guest Memory Surprise


Race Party Adult

Honorable Mention

Un-Birthday Party


Bad Taste Tie Dinner


Pity Party


Double Nickle 55yr


Toolman Party


Astrology Party


Crawfish Boil

Honorable Mention



Family Party & Belly Dancer


Memory Bouquet


Groovy 60's 50yr

Honorable Mention

Recipe Party

Honorable Mention

Celebrity Look-alike


Progressive Dinner


A Kid At Heart


Night of Living Dead


The Big Cheese


Afro-Carribean - Trinidadian Cuisine


International Party


Build-A-Bear 41yr


Welcome Back to California


Retro Theme


Oriental 2nd Anniversary

Honorable Mention

Tennis Party

Special Mention

Paris Bistro


Holiday Wedding


Blue Without You


Supper Club


Recipe Party

Special Mention

Science Theme


Mexican Anniversary


Welcome to the 60s


Swankiest VIP


31 Flavors Party


College Grad Party


Ice Cream


All American


College Grad Party


At Home Spa Party

Special Mention

Oktoberfest & Harvest Party

Special Mention

Dino-mite Birthday Bash - Older than Dinosaurs

Special Mention

Holiday Party


Lord of the Rings Party

Special Mention

Football Awards Ceremony


Gift An Hour Party 45yr


Farewell Party


Karaoke Party 

Honorable Mention

Coors Light Party 45yr


Heavy Metal Party 26yr


Saturday Night Live Party


Metropolitan Woman 21yr

Honorable Mention

Blacklight Party


Wig Party 31yr


Gilligan's Island Party


Role Reversal Party


Backstreet Boys Party 24yr


Lego Set Party


Nerd Party 21yr


Archie Party


Playstation Character Party 28yr


Diet Mom Party 35yr


Murder Mystery Party 21yr


Cocktail Crawl Party


Pool Party 37yr

Special Mention

Big Apple Party


Adult Harry Potter Party 22yr

Runner Up

College Graduation Party


7 Deadly Sins Party 21yr


Stop-Light Party


Adult Baseball Party 32yr


Spa Party

Honorable Mention

Adult Indiana Jones - Archaeologist Camp

August 2008 Winner

Pie Baking Contest Party 32yr


Moroccan Party 43yr


Outside Yard Party 18yr


Family Duck Party


Back to School Party


M&M Lovers Party 42yr


BIG Graduation Party


Hoedown Party 23 & 40yr


Twilight Nerds Party 26yr

Special Mention

Japanese Tea Bridal Shower


Nascar Wedding Reception

Special Mention

Retirement Activities Party


Totally Gross Igor Party 31yr - Mad Scientist

December 2009 Winner

Mafia Party 60yr


The Real Housewives of OC Party


Gilligan's Island Work Party


The Amazing Race Party

Runner Up

Mah Jong Memories Party 80yr


Saints And Sinners Party 21yr

Special Mention

Going Away To Navy Bootcamp Party

Honorable Mention

Basketball Party 30yr


Game Show Party -58yr- Password & Concentration

Runner Up

Taste Tripping Party


Adult Party Ideas



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