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10th Anniversary Party



August 2001


Merridth  in Dallas, TX USA

Honorable Mention

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For my 10 Year Wedding Anniversary Party I booked a ballroom at the Hotel Intercontinental in Dallas, TX.  I went through our family photo albums and selected photographs from the current year, all the way back to 1991, when my husband and I first met.  I was sure to include photos of our children (we have three, including a set of twins); as well as photos from important events in our lives and places we have traveled.  I took the photos and blew them up to POSTER size!  I framed them in mats of various colors and textures.  We had a total of 30 humungous photographs draping the walls of the room with remnants of our lives.  It was fascinating to see because the photos were in such large scale.  And everyone enjoyed walking around looking at the photos, debating on when and where each was taken.  This same idea works wonders for Family Reunion events.  As it is always a treat trying to figure out who's baby picture or high school graduation photo you're seeing.  The video camcorder was also a must.  But make sure there is someone other than yourself willing to video tape the event.  With some 200 guests there, it was fun for my husband and I to view the tape the next day and hear all the wonderful messages and words of wisdom shared by those who were there.  You'll capture lots of memorable stories and fabulous tall tales this way!  We also purchased and passed out disposable cameras to about 20 different people.  With so many people taking photos, we were sure not to miss anyone or anything.  The photos also made nice attachments or inserts to the Thank You cards we sent out a week later, reminding everyone of the great time we had.  The food was excellent.  A wide variety was a must because many children were present, though the main dishes were various pastas and salads.  And rather than one big anniversary cake, each dinner table had it's own individual cake, serving 6 people.  For those of you in the Dallas, TX area, I highly recommend "Dallas Affairs" bakery in Lakewood.    We played music from every era imaginable to satisfy the oldest and youngest of ears.  In addition to the giant size photos on the walls, we hung a disco balls from the ceiling, and balloons and streamers everywhere!  The idea was to have no empty spaces in the room.  A high task for a large ballroom, but we pulled it off and had a blast!

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