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Retro 70's



August 2001


Dorelle in Tampa, Fl USA

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Retro 70's, back to your Youth.  My husband was not looking forward to turning 40, so instead of an over the hill party, I threw a retro 70's, back to your youth party. It was a surprise party, held in a local Community Hall. Invitations: I made disco balls out of card stock paper, covered them in crumpled silver Mylar paper, and used the computer to image a disco dancing man, in a white leisure suit. Decorations: I found retro candy in the local dollar stores, which I sprinkled all over the tables, along with confetti with smiley faces, peace signs, and sparkles. The table cloths were plastic and all different colors. 1 red table, blue, green, and so on. The table settings had LP records as the placemats (I found them at the local flea market. I purchased fluorescent colored pencils personalized with "Happy 40th Birthday" placed them across the records. There were pads of paper near the center of the tables as well. I found regular Mardi Gras napkins with designs in the shape of bell bottoms and peace signs. Around the room I had hung various bright colored card stock papers with sayings from the 70's on them, and a place to write "who said it, and from where did it come" ex. "kiss my grits...Flo from Alice show" I borrowed various retro items from friends for the food table. I had a lava lamp, a fiber optic lamp, a pet rock, and a toot a loop radio. Music: I had a Comedian/DJ who played only 70's music Food: aside from the retro candy, the food was brunch style, but I made sure we had the ultimate 70's munchies...Doritos, and green M&Ms Games: We played: name that tune, the name that saying game, hula hoops (you were not off the hook after you dropped the hoop unless you found someone to fill your spot)footsie contest (with the old style footsies)and a yo-yo contest Table centerpieces: A friend of mine and I made our centerpieces by purchasing 2 terra cotta pots 4" across, gluing them bottom to bottom, and a terra cotta planting plate, 7" across and gluing that to the top of the other 2 pots. We painted them pitch black with a high gloss paint. We then decorated them with 70's stickers and psychedelic foam cut in 70's shapes. On top we placed a 14" happy face yellow beach ball. When you came in the room you couldn't help but smile. The key to this whole party (60 in attendance) was to keep everybody interacting. Ancillary food/beverages: I had a fountain with Mimosas running with a strobe light behind it to simulate the old discotheques, and I had a local Ice Cream shop come and set up a Sundae bar with lots of fixins, instead of birthday cake (July in Florida). We did have a personal cake for singing Happy Birthday with sparkling candles. Everyone, especially my husband, had a GREAT time. Warning: this took about 4 months of planning and lots of personal time for making the items that I made. But it was so worth it. My budget was 1500.00 and I stayed within that by the last dollar.

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