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Cocktail Crawl Party



May 2007


Donna in Evansville, IN USA


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We live in a small subdivision where everyone is very sociable and we enjoy having many neighborhood parties.  I came up with the idea to have a Cocktail Crawl" after a friend of mine had been to a "Pub Crawl".  Since everyone in our neighborhood is a social drinker what better way to have some drinks and be safe right in your own backyard. I made invitations that looked very elegant on cardstock with the following invite:  "You have cordially been invited to the 1st ever neighborhood Cocktail Crawl" I listed the date and time and that the party would start at a neighbors house with "Soakers Drinks & More" then wind down at my place with "Munchies Drinks & More".  I asked them to bring their drink of choice and we would provide the rest!   The first house was decorated with fun summer stuff and had different types of inexpensive Hor'Dorves (Soakers) bought at Sams and soft music.  The evening was extremely nice outside so we then moved the party to my house across the street.  There I had the island counter covered in a linen tablecloth with desserts on different leveled cake stands.  We had fruit cheeses and crackers to resemble a "wine tasting".  We then moved the party outside to our patio where we had tiki lights set and a fire burning in our fire pit.  Everyone shared drink recieps and enjoyed yet another evening of socializing and congregating."

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