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Back to School Party



December 2008


Amanda in Minneapolis, MN USA


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For my golden birthday my husband and I threw a Back to School Party. We sent out invitations inviting everyone Back to School and told them we're going to party like it's 1995 ( the year I graduated from high school). The lunch lady" ( my Mom ) made dinner and  we informed our guests that "just like Amanda's high school days there will be plenty of beer and booze on hand." We asked everyone to come dressed in an item of clothing with their high school name on it.  It could be something that was either actually from your high school days (i.e. sports jersey homecoming t-shirt cheerleading skirt band uniform...) or purchased new for the party but still with your alma mater name on it.  We decorated the house in MY high school colors with my old year books senior class picture school pictures etc everywhere.  The lunch lady made cafeteria favorites such as Mac 'n' Cheese tater tots orange smiles beanie weenies and mini pizzas.  We had a homecoming King and Queen vote.  The ballot had the "Senior" Sweethearts ( my parents ) the Jock and the Cheerleader ( my husband and I dressed up in our old uniforms ) and the Freshman Cuties ( my niece and nephew aged 6 and 8 ).  The Freshman Cuties won in a landslide. Everyone dressed up...even a 60 year old aunt dug out her old cheerleading uniform from the 60's. We handed out "game pucks" ( if you live in state that plays hockey you know what these are ) as party favors with each guests name the date of the party and a funny quote about the guest on them. We also awarded ribbons at random to guests such as "Best Dressed" "Valedictorian" "Baseball Stud" and "Drama Queen". At 11 p.m. after dinner booze and dancing had commenced we had a local school bus pick our party of 45 people up and bring us to bar hop in our letter jackets hockey jerseys cheerleading skirts and basketball uniforms. We got many many good and surprised comments from the other bar patrons. At bar time the bus brought us back home and the party continued...."

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