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M&M Lovers Party 42yr



January 2009


Courtney in St. Cloud, FL, USA


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My mom is turning 42, and she likes M&Ms. She doesn't want a party so I opted for pizza and a few family members over for dinner and cake.   INVITATIONS:I would have done invitations along the lines of PlainPeanutminis and M&M lovers of all ages please help us celebrate Kim's 42nd birthday! The chocolate extravaganza will be held at (location) On (Date and time). We'd love for you to be there and sport your favorite M&M color!" You could roll it up and put in an empty M&M mini's container or decorate the envolope with circle stickers take a white gel pen or white out pen and write an M on it. DECOR: Get the kids to help! I had construction paper(Only use the M&M colors blure greenredyellow brown) I took a bowl and traced around it to make perfect circles and cut them out. To make the M on your "M&M's" trace and cut an M from white paper or just write it with a white gel pen/or white out pen..Tada! an M&M...You can aslo use balloons and put a white M on the middle to hang for decoration. On the table I had a blue M&M cookie Jar as the centerrpiece. On each side I placed and glass bowls of Peanut Mini and plain M&Ms with a serving soon.  ACTIVITY: We had 10 people attending (mostly adults) so unstead of putting their names at their seat like boring name plates I went to the M&M website (you can design your own M&M character) I made and printed one that resembled each guest. It will be fun watching them try and find "their " M&M! Not to mention a great souvenier! If you have kids attending you could cut out cicles arms legsand mouths so they could decorate their own M&M. Another idea is to search the net for fun M&M facts and make your own trivia game for the adults/kids. CAKE: I baked one round pan cake frosted with chocolate icing and on the center I used white icing to make an M.  THANK YOU NOTES: Will probably be a fun size bag of M&Ms and and hand written note. Hopes this helps inspire more ideas!     "

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