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Taste Tripping Party



July 2015


Kris in Miami, FL


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Taste Tripping is using Miracle Fruit to change your eating experience in a fun way. 

Many people have hosted Taste Tripping parties for years, providing an assortment of foods and drinks that have the greatest taste alteration.   Not interested in centering a party around Miracle Fruit?  Try challenging your friends with a few fresh berries at your next party.  You might get some suspicious looks at first, but the look on their faces after biting into a lemon is always priceless.  It usually starts a flurry of questions followed by trying any and everything they can get their hands on.   

Consider these ideas:     How can you get the cheapest shot of Tequila to taste like top shelf Patron?  Or Absinthe taste like liquorish?  Or dark beer taste a little smoother?  Or even red wine taste like Sangria?  Try passing out Miracle Fruit at your next party.    It works great on non-alcoholic drinks too: Unsweet tea, sugar free Red Bull, sugar free sodas, and low sugar fruit drinks.  Or challenge your friends to take a shot of vinegar!   

Fruit is another treat that has a great result after eating a fresh picked berry.  Lemons and limes taste like candy;  Strawberries seem to be covered in powdered sugar;  Blueberries, raspberries, mulberries and even grapefruit, kumquats, and sour oranges all give you an enhanced taste.     Sour candy isn’t so sour.  Try Warheads, Sour Patch Kids, Lemonheads, Sour Skittles and any other candy you can find that gives you a sour face.  It will taste completely different!   

All you need for one of the best Taste Tripping parties are some freshly picked Miracle Fruit berries. You'll need to order them online just by searching for Miracle Fruit Berries.  It works best to use fresh berries.

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