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Retro Theme



March 2004


danielle in clearwater, fl USA


Miscellaneous Parties

For my birthday I had a retro/vintage theme party that was rather inexpensive. Everything was done in pink, black, silver and beige. We made invitations on the computer. I downloaded fonts for different time periods as well as clipart. I printed them on beige paper with a watermark of a couple from the 40's dancing along with other clipart. It was held in my backyard. We set up 2 canopies (used for camping) and draped clear and silver Christmas lights along the top of the canopy and on the fence. We hung up decorations from different eras that included a cardboard jukebox, boas, fans, cateye glasses, long strands of fake pearls, different kinds of hats and gloves, inflatable instruments, fancy masks, etc. Everyone dressed in costumes from different time periods. I wore a fancy 30's style beaded gown and my boyfriend dressed as a gangster. Other costumes included flappers, poodle skirts, disco queens and more. We set up the stereo outside with all kinds of music from Frank Sinatra to The Clash. The food included wings, chocolate fondue, mini quiche, and fruit with a yummy yogurt/marshamallow cream dip. Some of my friends acted as an "Air band" with the inflatable instruments which was pretty funny, and others danced and sang. It was a lot of fun and I have an awesome video tape of everyone.

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