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Oriental 2nd Anniversary



April 2004


Pate in Brooklyn, NY

Honorable Mention

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For my 2nd Wedding Anniversary I wanted to use an Oriental theme.  I made the invitation on my home computer.  It said "The Honor of your presence is requested at the Oriental Anniversary Party of.........I requested that all our guest dress in oriental theme attire or the colors red and black.  I seal the oriental style invitation in red envelopes.  In February after Valentine's Day I purchase stickers of a couple saying romantic saying to each other.  I put one sticker on each envelope flap.  I had the party outside in my backyard, I put the arrival time for my guest at 7 pm.  I decorated the backyard with chinese lantern (from Chinatown in New York) hung from white christmas lights zig zag across for the top of my house to my high fence bordering my backyard.  At the 99 cent store I purchase these red and yellow mini lantern that held one tea light candle.  I had seven round tables all around the backyard cover with white plastic tablecloth (from the discount store.) I place one lantern in the middle of each table. Underneath the latern I place a gold paper dollie that I also purchase at the 99 cent store.  I put some chinese hard candy (wrapped in red and gold cellophane) around the lantern on the table. I had white folding chairs around the tables. I set up one long table (with white tablecloth) with chafing for the food. My menu consist of vegetable lo mein, egg rolls, beef and brocolli, fried chicken, crab legs, baked salmon, chicken fried rice.  It was set up for a self-service buffet. All my flatware and cultery were red plastic disposable.  I also had red lacquer chopstick for people who really wanted to get in the spirit.  I also had several big orange lantern (with tealite candles) hanging for the tree illuminating the food area.  I had a separate table with red tablecloth where all the liquer drinks were placed. I place some of the mini red and yellow lantern along the entrance leading to the backyard.  For favors I bought a picture frame in the shape of a chinese takeout box. (I found this treasure in the 99 cents store, actually they were what gave me the oriental theme ideas. I bought them first it was too great a deal to pass up.) I order fortune cookies from  They had a special going on that whatever you order they would double it for free. Like a buy one get one free.  I order their customize Good Luck message package. Then I got my personlize five different message package for free.  I ordered shiny white gift bags from Oriental Trading Company.  I purchase red tissue gift paper from the 99 cent store. I stamp each tissue all over with the stamp of the chinese symbol for love in black (using a stamp pad). I put takeout box picture frame in the middle of the tissue and place both in the gift bag. Then I put four individually wrapped fortune cookie in each bag.  My cake was in the shape of a hexagon on a square base.  It was a yellow cake with red food coloring in the batter and frosting.  I use chocolate icing to pipe the shape of the chinese symbol for love on the top and health & happiness on the sides. Most of my guest came in chinese attire.  I was really cool to see how many people got into the spirit.  Everyone had a very good time, they are asking "When is the next party".              

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