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Welcome Back to California



Feb. 2004


Jade in Irvine, CA USA


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This was actually a surprise "Welcome back to California" party we threw for my sister who had been living in Kansas for a while. We figured, what better theme than a California Beach theme! It was a bright, sunny beautiful February Saturday here in Cali, and what a great time we had! We used big bright colorful beach towels for decorations on the walls and as table cloths. We had colorful little plastic kiddie sunglasses on the tables and hanging from the chandelier, bright hanging blow-up kiddie lifesavers, a dozen mini beach balls all over the floor (big hit with the younger ones), a big paper sunshine deco hanging over the drinks area, etc. The "buffet table" was actually and old surfboard on a beach-towel covered table. We had a subway sandwich platter and all of the sides were served out of beach pails with shovels. THe utencils were in mini beach pails. The drinks table had a big bowl of yummy fruit punch made from cranberry and orange juices, gingerale, and peaches and cream ice cream. (as well as various sodas) each guest drank out of straws with little umbrellas. Ice was served out of a beach pail with a shovel. The desserts table had a "Finding Nemo" cake we converted to Cali theme by removing the characters and adding more surfboards and fish. It was adorable, it had palm trees and a cool looking 3-d beach on it. Watermelons arent in season in February but the place where we bought the cake also sold watermelon shaped sugar cookies and those gave just the right touch. Cookies, crackers, etc were served in colorful frisbees. we also had fruit salad and banana creme cake, all served with shovels, and the forks were in a mini pail. All of the tables were sprinkled with beach-themed confetti (palm trees, sunshines, starfish, seashells, etc). We sat in beach chairs, there were colorful beach mats all over the floor, and there was a huge 8 foot 3-d palm tree near the sliding glass door to the balcony. Surf-themed party lights and candles in beach pail containers gave the perfect finishing touch. For background music, Disney's California Adventure has a CD with nothing but california-themed songs (I have an annual pass, so it was easy to buy), plus lots of Beach Boys of course! All 40 guests had a blast, and my sister said it was the best surprise ever!

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