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Build-A-Bear 41yr



Feb. 2004


Jacqueline in Missouri City,Texas (USA)


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Who syas your too old for bears? You see I planned it and we'll it went great. My boyfriend was going to turn 41 and he was also off to Dublin, Ireland .  This was great becase Build-A- Bear-Workshop had just come out with their Shamrock bear. I talked to them and they help me arrange everything. I made the party invites myself (homemade) Bear faces and you open them up and inside they tell you where to come and all the deatils. I even enclosed a map.   A few days before the party I gathered up the number of folks who would be attending and ordered a big big cookie. on the cookie there was a bear. It said Happy Birthday Gregg. It was chocolate chip because bear are brown. We got to the mall and I went to Build -A -Bear and set up. They held my cookie to hide it from the birthday man.  Around 7pm that night the guest arrived each one took a look at the bears there were many to chose. So soon after they chose the bears they wanted they stuffed them some added sounds and some didn't. For a while Gregg watched soon I asked him why he wasn't stuffing. He told me saldy were going to Ireland and I wanted an Irish bear to honor my trip and make into a soccer bear but they have none left.  I will wait and see if I can't find some other bear. Sowhile he was looking and watching his guests stuff their bears I went to the counter and asked them for the skin that I had held for Gregg. When they gave it to me I  put it behind my back and asked Gregg if he found a bear he wanted to stuff yet.  He told me no not yet and I told him that I had a friend who would like him to stuff him up and heard that Gregg was going to Ireland to play soccer and wanted to go. He asked me what I was talking about and I gave him the skin and he was so happy he jumped up and daown and stuffed his bear and dressed him in a soccer outfit. After everyone built their bears and animals we headed down to the food court. Bwfore we left Build- A- Bear i had someone take the cookie to the food court.  We we got to the food court we all gathered around the cookie and Gregg was shocked and smiled and said Thank you S-Monkey. Then we ate dinner and cut the cookie and sang Happy Birthday to Gregg.   You know what Build-A-Bear sent Gregg a pillow to have people sign for his day and a song what a day Gregg still talks about it over and over and says this is a day he'll never forget and he can not get over hom much he is loved  by lots of folks who went  out of the way to make the party wonderful just for him.

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