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Sept. 2003


Patricia in New Milford, CT USA


Miscellaneous Parties

I was recently inspired to create a party game for my 40th birthday gathering.  I invited about ten couples to dinner who were not all acquainted with one another.  After all of the guests had arrived and were settled in with their drinks, I announced my game (Note: they had to play because it was my party after all!)  Some of my friends were surprised by the prospect of playing a party game, but most of them took it in stride and viewed it as another one of my funny ideas.   My party game turned out to be a great way to introduce all of the guests.  Instead of the usual “Tom, meet Lisa” my friends were introduced one at a time to the rest of the group.  Everyone was asked to think of what famous person that individual reminded them of.  I then passed out slips of paper and pens to each guest and collected the responses in a plastic cup and ceremoniously read all of the names out loud.   We all had a great laugh listening to the variety of names, some of which were actually right on the money.  It seems that most people do indeed have a look alike.  Prizes (small bottles of booze or candles) were awarded to the five people who had the highest number of the same celebrity.  For instance, eight people thought my friend Lisa looked a lot like “Hot Lips Hoolihan” (Loretta Switt) from M.A.S.H.  Seven people thought that Debi was a double for Paula Abdul.  They were the top winners.  Other winners included John, who bore a striking resemblance to Yvon Lendle and Chris, who reminded many people of “Chandler” (Matthew Perry) from Friends. This game was not only an ice breaker and a fun way to get acquainted, but the celebrity name tags actually outlived the party.  When people later ran into one another in town or at school functions, they got a laugh from remembering each other by their “party names.”  

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