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Progressive Dinner



Sept. 2003


Ashley in Bradenton, Florida, USA


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As I was browsing this fabulous site, I noticed you were missing one important adult theme party...a Progressive Dinner Party!  The most important thing to remember is designate a driver (who will not be drinking)!!!  The basic concept for this party is simple.  Start at the home of one of your guests, where they will provide one course of the meal and a specialty drink.  Then you move on to the next home and have the second course & second drink...and so on until dessert.  Here is a sample menu that my friends and I put together when we had our Progressive Dinner Party.  1st House - (appetizer) Cheese & Crackers served with Red & White Wines 2nd House - (salad)  Fresh Tossed Salad served with L.I. Iced Tea 3rd House - (soup)  Cream of Tomato Soup served with Bloody Marys 4th House - (main course)  Corn on the Cob & Hamburgers served with Beer 5th House - (dessert) We combined the dessert & drink and just served mudslides (a Khulua & Ice Cream Drink)  You can use and combination of food & drinks, leaving it up to the hosts to decide.  Invite other people along who just want to eat and not host, as their will be lots of extra food!  By the end of the party everyone is full & feeling great.  Eat, Drink & Be Merry... (just don't drink & drive)

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