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A Kid At Heart



Sept. 2003


Emily in Columbia, MO USA


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30th - kid at heart  My husband is still very much a kid at heart.  He loves to play video games, ride go-carts, etc.  So, for his 30th birthday I decided to have a kid at heart party.  I sent out invitations telling everyone to come ready to play.  They were also welcome to bring their children and for FUN, to please bring a 30 themed gift.  The party was held at some friends of ours.  They have a trampoline and swingset.  We set up a rental game called bungee runners and also a washers game (could do horse shoes or volleyball,etc.)  We also had a piniata which I stuffed with a candy bar for each person.  I made my own wrappers that said "Happy 30th Birthday, Stephen".  For food we had hotdogs, nachos, cake and ice cream.  The tables were setup outside and were decorated with a balloon centerpiece, some of his old toys his Mom still had (army men, Star Wars characters, cowboys and indian men, legos, etc), party horns and the take home bags that were filled with candy I ordered from  a website that had the candy you ate as a kid (wax lips, candy cigarettes, gobstoppers, etc).  I also took some pictures of his early childhood birthday parties and had them blown-up and displayed on a posterboard along with some of his original birthday cards his Mom had saved.  Everyone got a kick out of how much he had changed since he was 5.   People were very creative with their gifts, some brought 30 of something, some brought something from 1973, others brought over the hill type items.  It was a great party and everyone had a great time being a kid again.

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