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Japanese Tea Bridal Shower



October 2009


Heather in Stevenson Ranch, CA


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My niece is getting married and I decided the shower would be a Japanese style tea party. INVITATIONS: I found some clearance Martha Stewart invitations that had a cherry blossom branch on the front. DECORATIONS: This was the most fun part!! I bought strings of japanese lantern lights from (they come in all colors - I used white with pink cherry blossoms), and strung them above my dining table, a white tablecloth sprinkled with fake cherry blossom flowers from Michaels and I used tons of fresh flowers in vases around the room. My son and I made several red origami cranes (good luck), strung them together with ribbon and hung them near the entryway. FAVORS: I went to an Asian market and bought semi-fancy chopsticks and folding fans and tied them together with ribbon for party favors. PARTY SNACKS: I served hot and cold tea and hot and cold sake. I got a bunch of different varieties of tea and tied labels to each teapot or pitcher (borrowing teapots and sake sets). I kept the hot teas/sake on a hot plate. My niece is a VEGETARIAN, so I served an Asian style salad with grilled chicken and tofu on the side. I also ordered California Rolls from a local sushi place. Asian style snack mix (Costco) and Japanese individually wrapped candies from the asian market scattered around in dishes, and Beautiful Green Tea cupcakes finished out the meal. Add your usually Bridal Shower GAMES and it was a hit!! Beautiful, easy and fun!

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