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Twilight Nerds Party 26yr



July 2009


Gene in Lacey WA USA

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We love Twilight, and we love celebrating. We had to have a Twilight birthday. Who says you can't have fun at 26? The biggest mistake people make with Twilight is assuming the movie is all there is to it. Nope, there's a lot more. We live not far from Forks, WA- just a couple hours. We have the same rainy weather and the same incredibly lush forests around us.  INVITATIONS: In the book, Edward leaves Bella a note in her truck that says Be Safe in beautiful script.He is from the early 1900's and we wanted to maintain that theme in the invitations. We decided to stick with plain white card stock and on the front write a quote from the book in scrolling script. On the inside, we invited our friends to an outdoor party at twilight in the meadow with an RSVP and a red ribbon in each with a different quote for games later on. Simple enough, but that's how Edward is. DECORATIONS: My favorite part of the book is the meadow and I wanted to recreate that, so of course we had to convert our backyard into a meadow. I went around and found large tree trimmings and various clippings and hung them from the fences and dug them into the ground to make it look like tree branches and little trees growing out on the edges. Bella sopke of a stream she could hear and so we had our fountain running in the background. We had (again) our white twinkling lights wrapped throught our 'trees' and all about the ground. I had dry ice in a corner of our yard so the slightest bit of 'fog' was along the ground. The inside of the house was draped in white. Everything white like the Cullen's house. We aren't rich enough to go out and buy a bunch of white slip covers, so we made ours out of stark white sheets we got at Big Lots. Everything had a clean, crisp white edge to it. In New Moon, for Bella's birthday, Alice showers the house in roses- up the walkway, through the house....madness. So I tried to do the same with as much as I could afford. We used a lot of the silk roses we found cheap at the dollar store and the clearance roses at walmart. Then we had lots of candles.  Edward played piano for Bella when she visited his house for the first time and while we don't have a piano, we have piano music, which played gently in the background of the house. ACTIVITIES/GAMES: Edward can read minds, Jasper manipulates moods, Rosalie is vicious and Alice can see the subjective future. I decided that it would be fun to have each guest role play random roles throuought the night based on certain words said, for example if someone said the word night, everyone would have to swap roles with the person nearest them. We also did a vampire backyard baseball game- each team was chosen by the quote on their ribbon. We wanted to give them a challenge so we had ping pong balls for the baseball decorated like baseballs. The bat was a regular bat. It was hysterical watching these guys swing at that tiny little ball like they were gonna knock it out of the park. It kept us from breaking any neighbors windows though. We also wanted to have a fight between good and evil- i.e. the Cullens versus James and his coven of 'Bad Vamps', but we didn't want anyone getting hurt. Ah! Problem solved! Pillows. (if youve read breaking dawn you'll know why that's funny) My guests we divided into three teams- wolves, bad vamps and the Cullens. They each had a unique pillow color and they beat the poo out of each other. Last team standing after ten minutes would win the prize which was a twilight soundtrack. This took time, let me assure you. They just kept wanting to do more rounds, but if you've ever seen a yard full of adults beating each other with pillows, you'll know why it was well worth it. Also we did 'blood typing' where each of two teams were given little cards with little globs of 'blood' on it, which were little sauces or toppings dyed red and they had to taste and guess what was what- ketchup, whipped topping dyed red, brie cheese, sour cream, etc. The winners from that got a Twilight bookmark. SNACKS: In the series, it is hard to decide snacks for a bunch of vampires who don't eat, and then werewolves who eat ridiculous amounts. SOOO we made cupcakes with bitemarks, 'vegetarian' nachos (they had meat, but the Cullens are vegetarians because they only eat animals. None of my friends are vegetarians, so it didn't matter), veggie tray, fresh fruit kabobs, and various beverages- Topaz Tea, Passionfruit Wine, Dazzle water (sparkling water) Rainier Beer, and baked chips we put into our own bags we made labeled things like 'sour cream and human'  CAKE and FAVORS: I looked everywhere for little heart charms and little wolf charms for the girls. I couldnt find inexpensive wolf wooden charms, so improvised with little wolf figurines that were metallic, then spray painted them brown. We also made little maps of Forks, WA with little icons of their houses. As for the cake, Alice gives Bella a birthday cake in New Moon- right before Jasper tries to kill her. Her cake was pink with tons of roses. So I did my cake pink with lots of roses with my 'gifts' (empty boxes wrapped in silver- I dont like getting presents) piled next to it. I thought it would be funny to pretend to papercut my finger on one, but decided not to go quite THAT far... All in all it was a blend of all the books in the series with the main focus on having everyone have fun with my favorite series instead of having the attention on me. We had an absolute ball.  ****On an off note, prior to the party, we had air mattresses sheeted up and at the ready for anyone who decided to drink. If they did decide they wanted to drink they had to relinquish their keys and we locked them in our bedroom. That way they could sleep here, be safe and noone would be out on the road with alcahol in their system from our house. This was noted in the invitations that they would be welcome to stay and would not be allowed to drive with any alcahol in them. We provided each guest who stayed with a bag of toiletries so they wouldn't have much excuse. This was highly successful. PLUS the next morning I made omletes for everyone who stayed (another Breaking Dawn joke)

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