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March 2009


Natalie in Yorba Linda CA


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I recently threw a western hoedown for my uncle 40 and my brother 23. we had the party at my house. for invites since i only had a week and a couple days to plan we sent text messages..with a cute little text that said..Saddle up eric and shawn are having a hoedown..dress in your freshest western gear and join in a XXXX chuggin, bull riding good time @ then listed where when worked out okay cause everyone got really excited and forwarded the text to next i went to party city for decorations etc...i ended up buying wall decorations of a stocked up saloon, red picnic checkered table clothes, plates and forks just plan blue, western napkins and cake plates, saloon fringed door cover, western table skirt...the total was $120..then i got online O.T.C to get the rest of the toy horses, adult cowboys hats, child cowboy hats, bandanas, mini squirt guns, candy gum bags of gold, a horse pinata, boot cups, western lights, and a cowboys hat inflatable drink cooler. i prepared the food the day before 5 huge trays of lasagna (i know not western but its a tradition i make it every year for my bros bday) and it was ended up being way easier. other decorating aspects that i made my self were signs i bought plain wooden planks and sticks. painted them brown then just eric and shawns western hoedown, one that said rodeo with arrows, and another that said westward hoe in black paint. so the day of the party we put up the decorations all over its easy to make my house look festive because its all open the kitchen living room and dining room. we covered the walls with the saloon paper, put the lights around the bar area along with the cowboy cups and hat cooler filed with ice, i had tin containers full of candy all over, we decorated the table with the table clothes, bandanas hats and horses, we put a bandana and hat on the horse pinata and used it as a center piece. the table skirt went around my island where all the food was in warmers that ive collected from other parties ( the metal one from party city) we added ceaser salad and garlic bread. we put other western decorations like cowboys hats and boots on the doors and other places. then down the hall we put wanted posters all the way down with an empty 4x4 space we filled it with like over 35 posters. that i filled with a polaroid up as each person got there we also made up a silly name they enjoyed reading on their way to the bathroom. The party was to start at 5:00 most people were on time then at 6:00 the bull riding began. i have a huge grass area so we rented a mechanical bull this was the main highlight of the party well maybe the second. the first would have to be the cowboys and cowgirls that showed up..everyone had a great time dressing the part...everyone even the girls really enjoyed the bull and while you were waiting for your turn you could sit on lined up hay bales i rented from a local store for $ ended up being a great party the adults loved walking around with boot cups, and they enjoyed the little water guns. oh and the cake was just a big cake i made and decorated with a cowboy on a horse and some toy wooden fences everyone said it looked cute. the party wasnt all the expensive the bull was the biggest expense $900 but we had it from 6-11. the food was about $250 the decorations all together $300 drinks $200 it was so worth it cause everyone had tons of fun..

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