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Nascar Wedding Reception



October 2009


Peggy in Harrisburg, PA, USA

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Race To The Finish Wedding Reception  My sister, Holly and her husband, Bob had been together for 26 years when they finally decided to officially tie the knot.  A local judge performed the ceremony with just the couple, their mothers, and a few other family members attending in the judge's chambers.  Although the couple wanted a reception for their many friends and relatives, they didn't want anything traditional or formal.  Because they are both racing fans, they chose a Nascar/Racing theme for casual picnic-style reception.  We purchased a wedding invitation kit at A.C. Moore and printed the invitations on the very simple, white card stock with a simple calligraphy font.  The invitations read: Holly xxx and Bob xxx have made it to the finish line! There was then a picture of crossed, checkered flags We finally did it - believe it or not! After 26 years we've tied the knot, It's a picnic reception come for a while Help us celebrate - NASCAR style Date/Time Reception hall name and address (Please see directions on reverse side of invitation)  There was a checkered flag page break here about ½ inch in width  This is a casual affair - please wear NASCAR attire if you have it! Kindly RSVP by date Phone/E-Mail On the back of the invitation, we printed: Gentlemen, start your engines! (There was a picture of three colored racing flags here) we then added directions to reception hall. At the reception hall, black and white checkered flags lined the walkways outside.  The hall itself was decorated with strings and strings of hanging, white lights, and looked very nice before we even started adding our decorations.  We hung long strings of black and white checkered triangles around the entire perimeter of the room and around the table used by the DJ.  On each of the rectangular guest tables (each seating 12 guests), we used checkered flag tablecloths.  These cloths were white in the center, with a black and white checkered border all around the edge.  They hung down about 6 inches on each side of the table.  In the center of each table, we placed a small plastic racing helmet.  There were helmets in blue, red or yellow.  Next to the helmet, we placed a quart of motor oil with a cluster of three balloons tied to each one.  In addition, on every other table, we had a small racing trophy with the helmet and oil container.  On the opposite tables, we used the helmet, the oil and a small, racing car.  The balloons tied to the oil were black or white with crossed checkered flags on each.  We also had some cute racing confetti that we sprinkled down the length of the tables.  The confetti was shiny red, green and blue slivers with some tiny, die cuts of crossed checkered flags mixed in.  At each place setting, there was a black, drink koozie printed in white with the couples name, date, and crossed, checkered flags.  On the Wedding Party table (which was simply the bride, groom and their mothers), we tied a black and white, checkered handkerchief to the back of each of the chairs to distinguish that they were indeed special.  The food tables were covered in white cloths.  On top of the tables, set diagonally, were black and white, checkered handkerchiefs.  We used three on each of the two food tables.  The food was a nice mix of picnic foods including barbeque, cold salads - potato and macaroni, deviled eggs, chips, pickles, etc.  There were sodas available for the children, and an open bar for the adults.  Keeping the casual feel of the reception, we used black plates and checkered napkins and utensils the color of racing flags - blue, red, yellow and green.  On a separate table in the corner, we used a white tablecloth and covered it diagonally with another checkered handkerchief.  This was the kids fun table.  There were many, many children at this reception ranging in age from 3 years to 16 years.  In the center of the fun table, was a black plastic container with different sections.  Each section was filled with all kinds of goodies to keep the kids occupied.  There were racing coloring books and racing crayons, racing stickers, racing pencils, and gummy race cars.  On either end of the table, there were black and white checkered bags filled with checkered pin wheels.  On either side of the table, placed between the pin wheels and the utensil holder there was a white, plastic basket filled with miniature bottles of bubbles with racing labels on them.  On the opposite side, another white, plastic basket filled with tins in the shape of racing cars and filled with candy and some racing tattoos.   There was plenty of everything so each of the smaller guests could have some of each item.  The gift table was covered with a white cloth and we placed a gift bag on the table that was black and white checkered and added a large tag to the bag that simply said, CARDS.  On the same table, we had a cluster of white and black balloons (with the crossed flags) and a small racing decoration that stood about 10 inches tall.  That decoration had mini checkered flags and red, blue and green shiny fringe.  True to their word, the bride and groom wore their favorite Nascar gear, and most of the guests did the same.  Many who weren't real racing fans, went out to purchase something just for this occasion.  It was fun to see the mothers of the bride and groom dressed in Nascar tee shirts (these ladies are in their 70's and know nothing about Nascar Racing)!  The cake table was decorated with a cluster of balloons - mylar with a checkered edge and crossed flags in the center along with other plain white and black balloons.  The cake wasn't traditional either.  It was a large cake with crossed checkered flags in icing.  The bride and groom cut the cake with a lovely cake knife that had a checkered bow tied around the handle.  They served the cake on small, black plates with red, blue, yellow and green napkins.  The DJ for the evening played a good variety of music and he got into the act by having all the children present come to the front of the room where he conducted a race for the kids using their new mini race cars.  The kids loved it!  In the bathrooms, we had small, white hostess basket filled with the usual toiletries (comb, mouthwash, a sewing kit, brush, hairspray, etc.).  We decorated the basket with red, blue, yellow curling ribbon in a cluster on the side.  Attached was a piece of black cardstock with a smaller piece of white paper centered over it with the following poem. Please help yourself It is our pleasure To make your night A little better (a small picture of crossed racing flags) Holly and Bob Everyone had a great time at this fun, casual reception, and everyone commented on how unique it was.and how it fit the couple..casual and very nice!  

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