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December 2009


Lori in South Jordan, UT 48095


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My father is retiring this month, and I was wanting to let him know we are all excited for him.  So, I came up with the idea of the 12 days of Retirement."  Since he lives in another state I sent all of the daily presents in one large box with a poem on top describing which presents to open up first (I can't say that I"m much of a poet):    "You are our dad our grandpa our hero  And. almost a RE-TIR-EE! We are thrilled and definitely as happy as can be!  You're almost finished with your full-time work The first day without the alarm will be quite the perk! Tired and sore are your arms hands and knees Finally you'll labor and play at your ease.  You'll be able enjoy yourself under the sun or inside Anytime you can take a nap a walk or even an extra bike ride.  Dad We're celebrating your TWELVE DAYS of RETIREMENT Each day down to your last you will have a present.  On December 4th you can open the box numbered 12. Each day and each present will help you count down To the day you've been hoping to see  We wish we could be there with you But hopefully this will do!"  I selected gifts according to his interests and lifestyle.  Some of the presents were treats and others were a bit more expensive.  Some of the gifts I was able to rhyme with the day - but I didn't stress over it.  Day 12 (because we are counting down) was a dozen homemade cookies - peanut butter blossoms with kisses on top Day 11- a gift certificate for itunes - so that he could listen to "sounds of heaven."  Day 10 - a NASCAR 2010 Calendar;  Day 9 - a DVD that I figured he'd think was "divine"   Day 8 - Hot Chocol"ATE"  Day 7 -  pictures and colored pictures of and from some of his grandchildren - his "heavenly" family Day 6 - a box of six microwave popcorn bags  Day 5 - a gift certificate to a restaurant for a night that seemed he couldn't "survive" without a break  Day 4 - a fourth edition of a game book  Day 3 - a book I knew he'd like  Day 2 - was a brainteaser puzzle that said the final present is still a mystery and a  "puzzle" Day 1 - was a picture my kids had drawn of me at the ticket gate getting on a plane with the date time etc - two days later as  a surprise. We cut it up like a puzzle so that he'd have to put the pieces together.   We're doing a typical surprise retirement party with a racing theme - that he has finally crossed the "FINISH" line.   I found the perfect invitations for the party from - a picture of a racecar fan getting ready for the race (or finishing in our case) with his pit crew getting the chips drinks and adjusting the antennae of the TV for him while he's sitting back relaxing.    We'll have red black and white balloons  and checkered flags to decorate with black and red tablecloths.  I love Home Depot's idea of using a new toolbox for a variety of chips salsa/dips and nuts. and of using new screwdrivers as skewers for the fruit  cheese cubes etc.  I'll also make the buffet table with a section of green indoor/outdoor carpet and roofing shingles for  an oval "track" - adding some mini racecars around track.  We're doing some checkered-flag style banners with "Congratulations."  It should be a great hit! "

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