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7 Deadly Sins Party 21yr



December 2007


Rachel in Newcastle, United Kingdom


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My birthday is on New Years's Eve and i always have trouble getting ll my friends together for a party so this year i have decided to throw a special party that has enticed them all to come! The theme is 7 deadly sins and everyone is encouraged to come in fancy dress to signify one of the sins: Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, Lust, Pride, Wrath and Envy. I made the invitations using a foil machine so that they were shiny and colourful and stuck on coloured gems. I then filled the envelopes with wine glass confetti that exploded when opened. I am trying to have a different area in my flat allocated to each of the sins, signified with a black sign stating the sin in a suitable colour (i.e. wrath in red, envy in green etc).  Gluttony will be in the kitchen where the buffet will be with a wide variety of food and drink. There will also be a chocolate fountain and cocktail fountain for people to gorge themselves on! Pride will be in the bathroom where i am going to cover the walls in silver reflective foil so that people can be vain and look at themselves all they want. I'm also considering having a selection of beauty treatments i.e. facemasks in a basket in the bathroom for people to take to enhance their pride! For Greed I am going to have a pinata filled with chocolate liqeurs (as it is an adult party) and se up a little casino area with a poker table/roulette wheel/blackjack area. I have also seen a very cute roulette wheel drinking game which has a shot glass for each of the numbers which should be a fun addition to that section. Lust will be in the bedroom (i only have a small one bedroomed flat so must utilise all the space!)with rose petals and soft lighting (this will probably be fairy lights as candles will be too dangerous). The room will be made to look sumptuous and fit in with the lust theme. For envy i am going to have a picture of every person at the party with a sheet of paper attched stuck on the walls going up the stairs. Guests will be invited to write down what they envy about the person pictured. This will also be a nice little momento for that person to take home at the end of the night. Sloth is giving me a little bit of trouble but i'm thinking i will make the main seating area in the living room sloth, and just make it as comfy and slothworthy as possible with pillows and blankets to sit on. For wrath i am thinking of haviong either a punch bag or a dummy made of stuffed clothes for people to take their anger out on! or possibly a dart board with a universally dislike picture on it! The last two sins need a bit more thinking about to make them perfect but that's the basic idea. I am also going to generally decorate my flat in the colours used for the sins and maybe make stained glass window effects by cutting the words of the sins out of acetate, colouring them in and putting them on the window for a good effect. Music will also be played and i will attempt to find songs that contain the sins; this will probably be a hard task, but i'm gonna try!  So that's my idea for my 21st birthday party, i'm so excited! :D

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