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Stop-Light Party



December 2007


Kristen in Massapequa, NY USA


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For those who can't stand the valentine's day holiday, or who are just single, this is the party to have. A stop-light party is a themed party that gets friends together and you can do one of several things: Ask friends to wear the particular color they identify with Supply beads or some other accessory that is color themed  Personally, i'm going to supply mardi gras beads in green, red, and yellow.. not only are they the colors, but semi-frisky (madri gras) and whatnot can happen with an extra supply of beads, if that's the sort of party you're looking for. haha  Basically, the idea is for friends to identify with one of the following: Red: taken, don't bother hitting on me Yellow: take caution in hitting on me, my situation is kind of complicated Green: single and ready to mingle  So pretty much, i'm having the party the weekend before valentine's day so that my friends can cheer up (those who are single) and keep this miserable (if you are single) holiday off their minds, and have the thought of the great weekend they had last week....   Other things you may want are: food coloring (yellow, red, green)  an actual stop-light (inexpensive, can be found online or in a gag store) streamers, decorations, all with the same color scheme  You can also have games: twister scavenger hunt (in pairs, so people flirt and socialize) spin the bottle (juvenine, yes.. fun, always) themed color drinks and shots   Have fun!!!!!!!

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