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Adult Baseball Party 32yr



May 2008


Shelly in San Diego, CA  USA


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Ok, so this may sound weird but I threw a Baseball Themed Party for my husband who is a huge fan.  I was trying to come up with something fun and escape the same old sitting around drinking and BBQ.  My husband turned 32 and I rented a Baseball Field at a local park (I did this a few months in advance).  I sent out a baseball themed invitation to all his friends and family describing the day.  I also asked anyone who had extra equipment (Bats, Gloves, Balls, etc) to bring them if possible.  I was really surprised to see so many people turn out, and play.  We picked teams, Birthday boy being a team captain and had about 5 people in the outfield, just so everyone could be involved.  We played a few innings and took a break for lunch, we served hot dogs, burgers, tri-tip, pasta salad (Italian dressing instead of mayo, withstands the elements better), veggies, chips and salsa.  I had a cake designed with a Dodger Theme (I know we live in San Diego, but he's the fan ;-) and a cake baseball coming out of it.  I decorated the tables with Baseball Balloons, Big League Chew Packets and Cracker Jacks, which were devoured. I had goody bags for the kids that consisted of Baseball Whistles, Tattoos, Candy, Bubbles, and giant Baseball Beach Balls.  I set up 2 pop up tents for shade and provided tables and chairs. Everyone had a great time, I had so many of his friends email and call me the next day saying what a wonderful time they had and if we could do it again next year.  It was really great to see a bunch of late 20 to 30 year olds become kids again for a few hours and not just sit around eating and drinking (although some of that was done too :-) It was such a success we are doing it again this year at the same spot, this time I will have a local BBQ Restaurant Cater it and provide a Sports Jumper for the kids, we are expecting double the amount of people!

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