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Spa Party



May 2008


Chas in Fort Collins, CO USA

Honorable Mention

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I decided to have a Spa Party for my friends.  No real reason other than to pamper ourselves and have fun.  INVITATIONS:  For invitations I made a tri folding pamphlet (like a menu you would pick up from a spa).  On the front it said You're invited to The Greener Spa for an evening of pampering¬Ě.  Inside it said: Arrive: Saturday, May 3, 2008 at 7pm. Your treatments will include:  Tea and a relaxation session. Dinner - Meatless Spaghetti & Fat Free Alfredo, salad, and bread. Facial - face wash, humidifier, mask, lotion. Feet -foot soaking, scrub, lotion, paint, foot roller massage. Nails- Paraffin hands, file, lotion, and paint. Body Massage in vibrating massage chair. Dessert - Both chocolate and vanilla fondue.  We will be doing a do it yourself" spa evening.  The last page includes the following information:  For your spa treatment and Slippers.  I also included pictures of flowers and printed it on beautiful paper.  DECORATIONS:  I had your typical spa music playing while the guest where here.  I have a whole house sound system so it could be heard all over the house.  I purchased mine at the dollar store  piano guitar panpipes harp and ocean waves.  I had candles everywhere and the lights were dim or off.  I had the dinning room table all set with china flowers.  I had bought a small fountain and had it running.  The spa portion of the party was set up into stations which I'll go into more detail later.  ACTIVITIES:  When the guests arrived I greeted them at the door and took their items and put them away (purses coats etc.).  I brought them in and gave them a cup of tea of their choice.  I then escorted them to the living room to a couch to visit with the others.  If they needed to change into their robes or comfortable clothes they did so then.  After all the guests arrived I turned on a relaxation session that was about 5 minutes long on a cd.  When that was complete I brought them to the dinning room for dinner.  At this point I brought them wine or champagne to have with dinner.  When everyone was done with dinner we started the spa part of the party.  As I said earlier this was set into stations.  Each guest chose a station to start at and then after about 20-30 minutes they would move to the next station.  Every station I explained what to do and I also had directions at each station to help guide them.  I also floated around and helped everyone when they needed help and refilled their drinks.  My kitchen and family room are right next to each other and the bathroom is off of those.  This made it convenient to do the stations and all visit together.  The facial station started in the bath room.  First the guest would wash their face with a face wash and then move to the kitchen table where they would place their face in a facial humidifier for 5 minutes.  Next they would put a mask on and sit on a couch or chair in the family room and visit with the other guests.  They would then wash off the mask tone their face and put on moisturizer.  The Foot Station was on the couch in the family room and included soaking their feet in a foot bath that I have that has heat vibrating and bubbles.  Next they would scrub their feet with a pumice scrub and rinse that off.  They would dry off their feet apply lotion and then paint their toe nails.  When their toes were drying they could put their feet onto foot rollers and roll their feet back and forth for a foot massage.  The Hand Station started out by scrubbing their hands with a sugar scrub and rinsing it off in the bathroom.  They then filed their nails and soaked their cuticles in the kitchen.  Next they dipped their hands in paraffin dip and I put their hands in plastic gloves and then oven mitts.  They then went to the couch and visited for a while.  After taking the wax off they put on lotion and painted their fingernails.  The last station included my back massage chair.  It is one of those vibrating chairs that you set on a chair or couch and plug in.    When everyone had done all their stations we then moved back to the dining room for fondue dessert.  I had chocolate and vanilla fondue.  I had strawberries marshmallows graham crackers dried fruit pretzels etc.  They could have more champagne wine or tea.  We visited a while longer and then the guests began to depart.   I sent them home with spa goodie baskets that included a hair clip bubble bath bath salts lotion foot scrub wash cloth foot & nail file nail polish a candle and chocolates.  Everyone had a great time and asked if we could to it again."

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