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July 2002


Linda in Channahon, IL USA

Honorable Mention

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Amazing Race Road Rally  It's a fast-paced game for adults; not necessarily limited to a Birthday theme.  In summary, here's how it works:  Teams (of 4 people each) have 10 clues to solve.  Each clue consists of Part A and Part B, each in separate envelopes. Teams have to solve the riddle, puzzle, rhyme, etc. in Part A which leads them to a location.  Only after they arrive at that location can they open Part B which has a task they must perform there.  Teams received 10 points for each completed task.  Here are a few examples:  1. One clue was a poem which would led teams to a local cemetery.  Once at the cemetery, they opened Part B and learned that they had to search the cemetery for a headstone or marker with one of their names on it.  They had to take a picture of that marker for proof.  2.  Another clue was a puzzle they had to solve which would took them to a local restaurant.  Once at the restaurant, they opened Part B and learned that they had to find out what the "soups of the day" were that day.  They could earn additional bonus points for each picture they took of a customer eating soup.    3.  Teams had to solve a riddle which led them to a grocery store.  Once at the store, they opened Part B and learned that they had to select items at the store whose product name first letters spell the word "AMAZING".  Then they had get somebody to take a picture of them holding those items in their proper order.  They could earn bonus points by finding additional items whose product name first letters begin with the letter "Z".  (Sounds easy, but while scouring the store during the planning stages, we only managed to find 12 items that start with the letter "Z")!!  Teams had to decide if they wanted to take the additional time to earn bonus points or just to do the task in Park B and move on.  The first team to finish all the clues and arrive at the designated ending point received 15 bonus points.  Clues were arranged in random order (except the Last Clue) so that teams did not go to locations at the same time as each other.  This eliminated anybody rushing to get to the next spot before another team, thereby making the race safer.  We supplied each team with a flashlight, a phone book, pad, pen, and camera.  They had to turn in their camera at a designated time and order    1-hour developing.  Their last clue led them to a local pizza restaurant where everyone had dinner.  One of the game planners picked up the finished photos, and tallied up the points.  As a leader, I was originally bummed that I couldn't participate since I knew all the locations and tasks involved.  However, it turned out to be more fun just to hear people griping about the wacky stuff we made them do for proof that they were at a location.  We had a blast!!!

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