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Un-Birthday Party



July 2002


Rosemary Ann  in New Berlin, WI   USA


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One of my co-workers took a vacation day on her birthday, to avoid a birthday party.  Since birthdays are very important events.... I waited patiently for about three months and set-up a special event "Un-Birthday".  I based it on Alice and Wonderland's tea party.  I have several bright colored dishes that also have either polka dots or stripes, the cake plate bases are slanted, and the candy bowl stems are slanted.... as well as the flower vases.  Everything was colorful, yet, a little off... so goes the theme of the unbirthday! So, here are a few of the things I did: The tea pot was very large... filled it with brightly colored m&m's and made a centerpiece with the large colorful Whirly Pops (the twisted ones, and used the round ones in different sizes... medium, large and extra large).  The centerpiece anchored the theme... and could be eaten at the end of the party and shared. In front of the teapot, on each side were the "crooked" candy bowls.. one filled with brightly coated chocolate mints, the other coated with bright colored tart hearts. The food was presented... as not what it seems... I made a cake that looked like a watermellon, a cake that looked like a bee hive with plastic bees flying around it on fine wire, I made Rice Krispies and shaped them into "grins" and frosted them in purple for an outline of the Cheshire cat's smile and piped-in big white teeth... looked just like the Cheshire grin on the Disney movie...  Plus, I made a red-velvet Queen of Hearts cake  (shaped like a heart.) The two vases had simple, brightly colored daisy's and they were placed on the table with the cakes.  Plus, I made individual chocolate-peanut butter mini-bundt cakes with a chocolate/peanut butter glaze.  Each of the foods was identified with a food-name tag, the border matched the border of the Alice invitation. An e-mail was sent to the department and had a graphic of Alice In Wonderland asking people to celebrate a very special un-birthday... where things aren't what they seem. Plus, tea was available. The event was a success... the colors made you smile when you looked at them and people enjoyed looking and eating things that looked like something else...   You only get to celebrate your birthday once a year.  This allows you to celebrate up to 364 unbirthday's a year!!!!!  If you need recipes or pictures, I can send them.

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