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LaChrisa in The Colony, TX USA

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I have thrown yet another successful birthday party for one of my friends that just turned 21.  Yes she is now ripe and ready for the picking.  It was a 2 - part party First it was a Ladies Night, NO MEN ALLOWED.  Second was meeting up with our significant others, including her boyfriend to paint the town every color until they sent us packing.  We really have lots of fun with a mixed crowd. I sent out an Evite with the LADIES NIGHT graphic and was very clear on the details of the party.  We would meet at my house for some pre-drinks and eats to warm up, visit a local woman's only cabaret for entertainment, and last meet the men at a local watering hole for the remaining of the night to drink and dance.  I advised to DRESS to IMPRESS!   Then it was preparation, shopping, and decorating time.  I attempted to spend as minimal as possible since we were spending a lot of time out side of the house.  I did not have a theme of any kind, so asked the birthday girl what was her favorite color.  I should have known this, but was drawing a blank.  She advised ORANGE was the color.  I looked high and low for orange items on sale, but it is fall and nearing Halloween, so there was absolutely nothing on sale in this color.  I happened to stumble upon some purple, hunter green, and dark blue tableware on sale for $0.25/package.  Well, I decided then we were doing purple for the theme color.  I did not want it to be a kiddie party, so I named the party  METROPOLITAN WOMAN, think Sex in the City! In order to mature it up a bit, I added black, white, and silver to the color scheme. Luckily, I have black, white, silver, and plenty of glass serving ware that I have accumulated over the years to set the tablescape, but I will start from the top. I purchased purple paper plates, plastic forks, plastic spoons, and round plastic table cover. (Again each package was only 25 cents).  Then I took some black table coverings from Halloween and made a table runner for the main table, over the purple round cover.  I also made a table skirt for a side table that held the drinks, plates, plasticware, and so on.  I did find place cake plate to put with the purple dinner plates. .  I used cardboard star cut outs in various sizes and in purple, pearl, and fuchsia under dishes, under candleholders, and other items on the table. These are from a previous My Little Pony party that I submitted on this site. I also hung some from the light fixture over the table.  I purchased 2 martini glasses to hold dips for some of the food items, so I placed each one in the center of a large white plates.  I used hurricane glass, glass votives, wine glasses, brandy glasses, and the mini star cut outs to hold or lay tea lights.  I wrapped a few of the glass items with purple raffia ribbons for some more color.  I used a bit of fuchsia to give a more feminine look here and there with the stars and straws for the drinks.  I recently purchased white metal drink tubs on black metal stands that fit perfectly to hold the wine coolers, beer, champagne, and some wine bottles.  I placed large purple bow on them to make them more festive.  I set up a bar set, ice bucket, tongs, shaker, jigger, and so on for the girls to make their own drinks.  I did put a Cosmopolitan drink recipe in a silver frame, so they came out tasting good.  I made the cutest centerpiece, but cutting out the birthday girl's name out of black foam and 21 out of fuchsia foam.  I used a few of the fuchsia straws to hold the foam cut outs by cutting them down and place slits in them.  I stuck the straw with foam cut outs into foam block that was wrapped in white tissue paper.  I then took bike handle bar streamers in the party colors, purple, fuchsia, silver, and black, stuck them in the middle and had them spread through the letters and so on.  I found these at the goodwill and was original at the Dollar Spot at Target, but donated when the inventory was not sold out during clearance time.  I used these same streamers in other various locations on the table.    That is about is for decorations I purchased more martini glasses at the Dollar Tree and placed 21 Hershey kisses in them to give away to the party guests as party favors. (They could all use them during the party to make the Cosmos) I tied black, white, and silver curling ribbon on the stem with a little tag, made from the mini star cut outs and address labels, that said Thanks.   I cooked and prepared girlie finger food, like truffles, chicken bites, and turkey cups.  I took the mini star cut outs placed food labels on them.  I placed them in and around the food for presentation.   The remaining of the night was drinking, talking, gawking, and dancing at home and multiple locations through out the town.  We ended the night at our local IHOP to eat some breakfast.  NOTE: we had a designated driver the entire night, so we were able to safely travel from one place to another and make it home with out worries.  I cannot say the next day was too good though.  We all had headaches and very tired.

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