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Blacklight Party



September 2006


Julian in Brawley, Ca, 92227


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My freinds and i decided to throw a party so we could get all of our friends together(which is alot)and all have a good time and socialize.  We decided to throw a blacklight party.  The black light party consists of black lights all over the house, and different colored light bulbs. We also got a strobe light that a friends had, and a couple of those red and blude sirens.  We also bought black paper and covered some walls up and had neon markers taped to the wall so everyone could sign it.  The floor was covered with white balloons, and the ceiling was covered with neon and white streamers.  Everyone showed up in white or neon clothes to show off under the blacklight.For drinks we had neon cups, and neon straws.  As people walked in we had a big bowl by the door of mouth pieces with glowing lights in them, and glowing necklaces and bracelets.  Everyone had a really good time we loved the theme so much we will be throwin another one in October!

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