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Wig Party 31yr



September 2006


Misti in Mansfield, TX


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My husband and I always have theme parties which seem to be a lot funner than normal parties.  Everyone always seems to really get into it.  For my husband's birthday this year I gave him a Wig party, everyone had to show up wearing a wig.  It was a blast and so funny watching everyone show up in different wigs.  We had huge afros, pink & purple hair, long and short, pretty, crazy and just plain ugly hair.  As the night went on we had a wig contest where everyone voted for the funniest, prettiest, most ugly etc...  We called out the winners and they had to do the walk of shame.  They also received prizes for example: brushes, picks, curlers and so on.  Everyone had a blast trying on each others wigs as well.  The party was a blast and was a huge hit!!!  I always use e-vites for my invitations and the poem I used is below.  It is Jay's 31st birthday and it's going to be big. Go out and find yourself a bad ass wig. That's right I said wig, I am not crazy. Find the best hair and don't be lazy. It can be short, long, wavy or straight. Orange or purple as long as it's great! The fun part of the night will be the hair contest, and prizes will be awarded to the one with the best. Come to the wig party and don't be lame. Show up rocking your wig and show no shame.

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