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Gilligan's Island Party



September 2006


Vicki in Van, TX, USA


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GILLIGAN'S ISLAND PARTY FOR ADULTS  We set the scene on our back porch with plastic wall covering like bamboo over the bricks and took grass skirts and put up over the windows. We had a Beverage Hut (our storage building where there is a fridge) and the Galley (to the kitchen) as well as other types of similar signs like Hut Sweet Hut. We also used other decorations like fake palm trees and plants, bamboo objects, wicker, parrots, etc. We blocked off the entryway with a blue tarp and left a little bit of opening for guests to walk through. When guests arrived, they saw a sign "3 Hour Tours" and saw surf boards, etc propped around. We placed a aluminum flat bottom boat in front of the blue tarp so that guests had to step into the boat to enter the party. This symbolizes the "tour" and storm. The boat was also a great place for pictures in front of the tarp. On the yard side of the porch, we placed another blue tarp on the ground and scattered blue Christmas lights on top up it. This was really pretty after dark. It looked like water.  Guests dressed as their favorite character from the show and were greeted by the Skipper with a drink and the show's theme song. Music consisted of Jimmy Buffet, the Beach Boys, and lots of summer and island tunes.   Food served was a smoked ham and salmon, tropical fruit salad, sweet potatoes cooked with coconut, sliced fruit and dip and of course, banana and coconut creamed pie. Tropical drinks (a drink actually entitled as a  Gilligan's Island) were served in plastic coconut cups.   Activities consisted of a javelin throw at a watermelon, wicker frisbee toss, coconut bowling and broke into teams for a relay. The relay including one person running to get a coconut and delivering to the puncher who then punched a whole in the coconut with a nail, another runner to run the coconut to the "drinker". The drinker drank the juice then delivered to a cracker who cracked it open and ate a piece of fresh coconut. First ones through won.  The winners in the contests received little islandy or survival type gifts.   Other activities included looking at a tray of about 20 islandy items and survival type items for 30 seconds, then covering the tray up with a towel and then guests have to write down from memory what was on the tray.  We live in the plane flight path and tried to make a game out of waving at the planes, but we kept forgetting to do it.   Invitations were islandy with a confirmation letter acknowledging the reservation for a three hour tour upon the minnow. The were to report to Sanders pier at 1900 hours for drinks and the ship would embark at 1950 hours.   We had a great time and guests are still talking about it.    

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