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Role Reversal Party



September 2006




Miscellaneous Parties

Women and huswives an adult ROLE REVERSAL PARTY:  ... to those NOT offended!  Send out invitations in the form of "MS & mr (Woman's name) (Last Name) with instructions that the theme requires couples to arrive with the male dressed in full female attire and makeup, while the females may dress in any casual manner they choose.  For the entire evening, WOMEN RULE, as males must defer and act subordinately to their wives and girlfriends and females in general.  They shall quietly stay in the background, wait to serve and fetch when told, not speak without permission or interrupt female conversation, responsible for all party chores and cleanup, etc. Believe me it will be quite enlightening to see how women react to their social empowerment and conversely how males fare to their disenfranchisement.  Could be highly amusing... or just a hint of times to come <wink>!

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