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Backstreet Boys Party 24yr



January 2007


Irdawathy in Singapore


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I had never had a party before so, for my 24th birthday this year, I took the chance to hold one. I am a big fan of the Backstreet Boys so that was my party theme.  The invitation card was a group photo of the band, which included the details of my party and it was printed as a photo.  The party was held at a resort, with black and blue balloons (i.e. in line with their Black and Blue" LP) hanging and floating inside and outside the resort. My friend also made me a BSB poster with "Irdawathy's 24th Birthday" on it. This was hung at the entrance. An enlarged group photo with the words "To Irdawathy's Party" was cut into an arrow and hung at the nearest bus-stop with the arrow pointing to the resort where my party was held. I had two radios - one at the barbecue pit and the other inside the resort itself - and they played every song that the Backstreet Boys had ever recorded (throughout the party).  Instead of a guestbook guests were given photos of the individual band members or the group to write their wishes. These photos were slotted into a transparent photo album so that I can see both sides - the photo (in front) and the wishes (behind).  I had lucky dips for my guests and the cards given out to the guests (the ones with the lucky dip numbers) also had a chorus from various songs by the BSB. If as guest's number was called out I made them tell me the title of the song on their card. If they got the title right (which most of them did because the chorus is usually a giveaway) they can claim their prize. The prizes were not BSB-related because not all my guests were fans of them. Instead I gave them various sizes of chocolates but these were wrapped in a homemade BSB wrapping paper.  (I did not have a birthday cake but you can have your bakery make one with an edible image icing of the group on it. I was researching in case I decided to have a cake at the last minute and most bakeries can do it if I placed an order at least a week in advance.)  Finally my favours were cupcakes with an edible image icing of the individual group members or the group.  All in all the theme was a success because accumulated it was very obvious what I intended it to be. Good luck!"

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